Native Instruments Komplete 11 - The Definitive Guide


Nothing quite gets our tech experts as excited as a new launch from Native Instruments. The latest incarnation of the award-winning sound library, Komplete 11, once again brings a fresh new array of sounds, samples, effects and instruments to the table. Let’s find out more…

Native Instruments Komplete 11

What is Komplete?

Komplete is a comprehensive collection of Native Instruments’ Plug-Ins, Effects and Sounds, bundled together in one convenient and affordable package. Used by professional music producers, sound designers and composers around the world, Komplete covers all music styles and genres.

Komplete 11 easily integrates within any studio system , thanks to simple cross-compatibility with every major DAW, software sequencer and music production platform. The Native Instruments Service Centre makes updating and adding to your library as straightforward as possible, and keeps your unique licenses safe and secure.

Komplete 11 Choose the Komplete 11 right for you!

What’s new in Komplete 11?

  • Form - A creative synthesizer that enables you to transform samples into anything you can imagine.
  • Reaktor 6 - Build custom synths and effects, while experimenting with modular patching via a ‘Blocks’ interface.
  • Kontakt 5.6 – A new GUI and builder features to the world’s leading software sampler
  • Una Corda Piano – An evocative sampled piano instrument with minimalistic interface
  • Session Guitarist ‘Strummed Acoustic’ – Perfectly strummed and recorded guitar patterns
  • Discovery Series ‘India’ – A unique collection of superbly sampled traditional Indian percussion and melodic instruments
  • Kinetic Metal – Create evolving soundscapes and tonal percussion sounds from metal sources
  • Replika – Two pro-grade delays and powerful diffusion algorithm in a sleek, streamlined interface

There are 3 Different Versions  of Komplete 11 Available!

Depending on your budget, requirements and experience with music making, Komplete 11 comes in three different options:

  • Komplete 11 Select - The entry-level, ‘stripped-down’ version (previously referred to as Komplete Elements). Features 11 titles, over 2,500 sounds and a 25GB sample library on a convenient USB Stick. Ideal for up and coming producers, those new to electronic music making or just to start exploring the world of Komplete. Select comes free with all registered owners of Komplete Kontrol S-Series Keyboards and Maschine hardware products.
  • Komplete 11 - The industry standard bundle with 45 product titles, over 13,000 sounds and a 155GB sample library. With a wider range of plug-ins and sounds than Select, Komplete 11 also features new titles like the Form synth, Reaktor 6 Blocks, Una Corda Piano and Session Guitarist ‘Strummed Acoustic’ sound library. Komplete 11 standard comes shipped on a USB HDD drive.
  • Komplete 11 Ultimate - The definitive sample collection, with all 87 NI plug-in titles, over 18,000 sounds and over 500GB of samples in the library. Well suited for professional composers, music producers and seasoned musicians that want everything at their disposal. Ultimate includes the full range of sampled instruments, symphonic sounds and studio effects.

Want to get Komplete 11 cheaper?

Buy Komplete 10 NOW for £279 and then purchase Komplete 10 UPD to Komplete 11 for £79 or Komplete 10 UPG to Ultimate 11 for £239 saving hundreds on the brand new Komplete 11. These are the two cheapest prices you can get Komplete 11 for, so don't miss out on this limited offer while our Komplete 10 stock lasts!

Want to speak to us for about the best way to get your hands on Komplete 11? Pop into your nearest PMT store or call us on 0151 448 2089.

Komplete 11 Upgrade deals

Komplete Update vs Upgrade – What is the difference?

Previous owners of Komplete can get latest version of Komplete 11 with a cheaper Update path.

If you’ve got a copy of Komplete Select or Komplete 11, and want to move up to the next level, the Upgrade options are the one to get. Registered owners of Komplete Kontrol keyboards and Maschine can use the Upgrade to unlock the full library of Komplete 11.

Komplete 11 vs Ultimate – Which one should I get?

This really depends on your requirements as a musician. You’ll need to ask yourself the question of how often you plan to use it, and consider the budget you have to spend on instruments and samples as part of your studio setup.

Also factor in the available space on your hard drive. Do you have the space and system requirements to run the larger Ultimate library? Do you have other instrument bundles or sample packs that take up the required space?

The good thing about Komplete is that you can start with Select, and Upgrade your way up through Komplete 11 and Ultimate if you feel you need more sounds and samples in your arsenal.

Komplete 11 Ultimate really does represent an incredible saving, and the best bang for your buck. Consider the cost of the Kontakt 5 Sampler individually at £339, and you’ll get an idea of the value of Komplete as a bundle.  At full RRP cost, the Ultimate collection would cost upwards of £7,000 when purchased individually!

Watch the video:

Komplete 11 Packages

To get the most out of the Komplete software, we recommend pairing up with one (or several!) of the Native Instruments hardware options.

The Kontrol S-Series keyboards seamlessly integrate with their plug-ins via the Komplete Kontrol interface. You can browse patches by instrument type, timbre, genre or name, and keep full control over every parameter of each synth. They come pre-mapped to all the Komplete plug-ins, so you don’t have to spend hours mapping the controller manually. With thousands of presets to manage, Komplete Kontrol makes a massive improvement to your workflow with the Komplete library.

Maschine pad controllers work really well with the standalone Maschine software and K11, or via the creative Drum Sampler - Battery 4. Great for beatmakers and producers that want to trigger drums and loops in a live performance.

Utilizing the cheaper Upgrade path, we’ve bundled these together with Komplete 11 and Komplete 11 Ultimate at deal prices.

Buy Komplete 11

*prices correct as of June 2018

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  • Darren
    25th July 2017


    Do you have Native Instruments Komplete 10 in stock? What's your best price if you do?

    Regards Darren

    • Admin
      26th July 2017

      Hi Darren, unfortunately we don't stock Komplete 10 anymore - only Komplete 11. Give our sales team a call on 0151 448 2089 for our best price.

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