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PRS guitars in stock

We are an authorised PRS dealer and have the largest available stock in the UK! Paul Reed Smith guitars are popular instruments since their first model, the Custom 24, was introduced to the public in 1985. Few other brands have ever managed to become synonymous with style and quality in such a relatively short space of time - and today PRS is one of the most respected and recognizable guitar brands.

What's so special about PRS guitars?

PRS is not a massive business, and the range is still overseen by its original founder, master luthier Paul Reed Smith. This makes PRS stand out from bigger guitar companies, as guitarists see PRS as a more boutique name and synonymous with high-quality and luxury instruments. Their limited-edition models are highly-collectible and a safe investment for guitar collectors, while those "in the know" regard PRS models such as the Custom 24 as modern classics on par with the best Les Paul or Stratocaster guitars available - if not better. Paul Reed Smith guitars are great whatever musical style you play: from jazz to pop or Heavy Metal, PRS covers any style!

Santana live Santana live, rocking out with his signature PRS

PRS guitars are also known for their stunning designs, always with unique tops and their famous, trademark birds inlay fingerboards.

Many top guitarists use a Paul Reed Smith instrument, including: Alex Lifeson, Carlos Santana, Bernie Marsden, Dave Navarro, Mark Tremonti and many others.

"Guitar building is an ongoing process of discovery. We are devoted to the guitar's rich heritage while committed to new technologies that will enrich our products with uncompromised tone, playability and beauty. Our success depends on our ability to listen, implement positive change and continually refine our craft."

PRS' Mission Statement

PRS for sale

Which is the BEST PRS guitar?

Of course, it depends on personal tastes. But the Custom 24 models are the most iconic - this is "the" original Paul Reed Smith model. They feature PRS 85/15 pickups, which Paul designed to have remarkable clarity as well as extended high and low end. New models are even more versatile than older ones, because they have a 5-position toggle switch, as opposed to the traditional 3-way switch. This means you have single-coil sounds as well.

PRS SE Bernie Marsden Limited Edition Electric Guitar - Metallic Gold


The popular the popular PRS SC 58 model won the Musikmesse International Press Award (mipa) for “Best Electric Guitar” 2011/2012.  PRS SC (for "single cut") are widely regarded as a great alternative to Gibson Les Pauls, and indeed some legendary Les paul players (such as Bernie Marsden) have moved to Paul Reed Smith guitars! Some great options include the stunning PRS SC HB1 and the more affordable Bernie Marsden signature models are fantastic choices.

And we can't forget to mention the PRS Dragon models. These are very exclusive, limited-edition guitars that PRS puts out, with different "dragon" guitars each year, which are highly coveted by guitar collectors. Our PMT Norwich store actually has one of the last remaining PRS Dragon 2002 single cut - a great example of this exquisite, superb range (which is also PRS' most expensive):

PRS Dragon 2002 One of the last PRS Dragon 2002 guitars. IN STOCK NOW

Talking about affordability - PRS guitars don't have to be expensive, either! The PRS SE models are ideal for beginners and players with a more limited budget, but still look and sound stunning! Few brands can be said to offer such a quality at so many different price points, one of the reasons Paul Reed Smith instruments remain so popular.

Do PRS make acoustic guitars?

Indeed PRS makes some electro-acoustic models, which are well-regarded as great instruments. These include the Alex Lifeson signature, and the SE Angelus. Both are cutaway and perfect for rocking out live.

Where are PRS guitars made?

One of the great things about PRS is that they're still a fairly small business, and still based in the USA - in Stevensville, Maryland, to be precise. Their guitars are still handmade, and their luthiers have a true passion for their job. When you buy a PRS guitar, bet it the most expensive or their most affordable, you can be sure PRS took the utmost care for detail and quality.

PRS workshop

As authorized dealers, here at PMT we have a great relationship with PRS, and all of our PRS stock is selected by us for each PMT store.

Watch: Exclusive PMT Interview with Paul Reed Smith

Yes - not long ago Paul Reed Smith himself paid PMT a visit, and here's our exclusive interview with him!

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With such a wide range of Paul Reed Smith guitars, it might be difficult to choose what's best for you. So to make it simpler for you, why not browse through different categories: by Price Range, Thin or Regular Neck, Models or by PMT Store! Whatever you choose, one thing is certain - you won't feel disappointed!


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