Focusrite Scarlett Range 2nd Generation Announced


Focusrite is launching their new, second generation Scarlett range. These new audio interfaces are better in every way!

Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Generation

The Focusrite Scarlett range is perhaps the most popular choice of audio interfaces today, and it's about to become even better thanks to the new, second generation Scarlett range - packed full of upgrades and landing soon at PMT Online and at our PMT Stores nationwide. These upgrades make the Scarlett Range (2nd Gen) the best choice for those looking for great-value audio interfaces that deliver a professional sound.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio Bundle - 2nd generation. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio Bundle - 2nd generation.

These are the World’s Fastest USB Interfaces. No USB interface has lower round-trip latency than Scarlett (2nd Gen). At just 2.74ms it lets you do things that have been simply impossible before, like using effects in real time, making amp simulators feel bright and responsive, and using a single mix in your DAW for both overdubbing and playback.

Scarlett 2nd Gen’s instrument inputs are absolutely ideal for recording guitar. Focusrite have redesigned them so they can handle even seriously hot pickups without clipping or distorting. That means you can play as hard or softly as you like, and always get crystal clear recordings.

New features include:

  • 24 bit 192 kHz
  • Low latency 2.74ms
  • More even gain structure
  • Instrument input redesigned for hot pickups
  • Analogue protection circuitry to stop power surges
  • New metal gain controls
  • Sleeker chassis
  • Focusrite Control – for 6i6 and higher
  • Redesigned headphones and microphones for studio packs

Besides the new features, the second generation of the Scarlett range also comes with a fantastic software bundle, which includes Red 2 & 3, Softube Time and Tone, Ableton Live, Pro Tools First featuring 12 free plugins, Novation Bass Station VST and AU plug-in synthesiser and 2GB loopmasters sounds and samples.

Which Scarlett Is Right For You?

Check this comparison chart to see what are the main differences between the new Focusrite Scarlett (2nd gen) Interfaces!

Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Gen comparison chart

Watch the Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Generation Video:

The Focusrite Scarlett range has become ubiquitous amongst the international artist community – whether it’s for a quick but high quality demo whilst on the road, or for a fully-flegded recording project. The versatility and reliability of these interfaces has meant they’ve become a reputable industry standard.

In this video, Focusrite interviews a handful of their roster over in the UK about the part that Scarlett has played in their work to date. To give you an idea of what they’re capable of, Focusrite have also recorded some of their favourite new artists: Matt DeFreitas with the Scarlett 2i2; Haula and her band with the Scarlett 6i6; and Icarus Dive in the Offtape Studios with the Scarlett 18i20. They all performed the same song - "We Grow” - and their performances were cut together to show you the scope for recording – from solo acoustic to full band.

New super-low latency* will bring confidence to any performance, letting you record and monitor with software effects in real time. New metal gain controls and a sleeker red metal chassis underscore its improved industrial design, built to go anywhere. The Scarlett range also now operates at sample rates all the way up to 192kHz, and the input channels have evolved too. The latest Scarlett mic preamp features a more even gain structure, so you can accurately set your levels, and the instrument input has also been completely redesigned so it can handle seriously hot guitar pick-ups. Finally, we have provided analogue protection circuitry across both the inputs and the outputs, to guard your interface against unwanted power surges.

* Super-low roundtrip latency was measured at 2.74ms, working at 96kHz with a 32 samples buffer on Logic Pro X, running on a Mac Pro and OS 10.11

Pro Tools First | First Focusrite Creative pack

Pro Tools First | First Focusrite Creative pack

Pro Tools First | First Focusrite Creative pack includes Pro Tools First software and the following 12 free plug-ins : Eleven Lite / In-Tune digital tuner / Black Op Distortion / Flanger / Vibe Phaser / Roto Speaker / Tape Echo / Studio Reverb / Gray Compressor / Sc-Fi Ring Modulator / Vari-Fi speed shifter / Graphic EQ

New Studio Pack Design

New Studio Pack Design

Scarlett Solo Studio 2nd Gen and Scarlett 2i2 Studio 2nd Gen now have redesigned Headphones and Microphones creating a new, slicker visual to match the new interfaces. If it can look as good as it sounds, why not?

Brand New Scarlett Control Panel

New control panel

The Scarlett interface has always been simplistic in it’s workflow, but now Focusrite have improved this even further! For instance :

  • Focusrite Control (6i6 and above) allows for full control over routing inputs and outputs and also gives remote control over unit functionality
  • Input and output protection (protects against phantom power shorting) for protection against accidental application of phantom power to outputs
  • Power optimisation for laptops that don’t supply enough bus power to the small Scarlett units ensures USB ports will not become overloaded.

Focusrite Scarlett interfaces for sale

7 Comments on “Focusrite Scarlett Range 2nd Generation Announced”

  • Alec Reid
    25th March 2017

    I had to buy a 6i6 2nd gen from PMT in Bristol in a hurry as my other interface packed up just before a recording session! I was startled how good the Scarlett turned out to be. The sound was crystal clear and the vocal quality on the recording session that day was exceptional. Although I was not expecting any further problems, I decided later to use the 6i6 as a backup and bought a Scarlett 18i8 with its four pre-amps for my main interface. That's how pleased I was.

  • Samusl
    8th June 2016

    What are the key differences between the older 2i2 and the second generation scarlett 2i2. Is it just repackaging or os there more ? Thanks a lot!!

    • Admin
      8th June 2016

      Hi Samuel, the new 2i2s have better preamps, lower latency, more even gain structure, instrument input redesigned for hot pick ups.. basically, the 2nd gen has been improved in every way, so worth buying, or at least trying in your nearest PMT Store.

  • Leeroy
    4th June 2016

    I have played in bands for years, I am a 58 year old total newbie to recording.
    My needs are to be able to record original demos on my imac via garage band, for my band to hear & work on.

    I need to record guitar, bass, keyboard & vocal, with drums from another source, the problem being the genre is reggae & old school ska, so no drums readily available in garage band, so may need to import drums from wav files.

    What interface is the best for my needs.

    • Admin
      7th June 2016

      Hi Leeroy! What you need is a Scarlett 2i4, it's perfect for your needs. Check it out online here:

      And feel free to call our sales team on 0151 448 2089 or try one out in your nearest PMT store.

      Cheers - PMT

  • david snellin
    4th June 2016

    Audio with this Focusrite Scarlett video would be good !!

    • Admin
      7th June 2016

      Hi David,

      There is audio on the video, it just starts out a little quiet. We'll be doing our own demo video this week, so you'll get to hear the 2nd gen Scarletts to their full potential!

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