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Want to upgrade your pre-loved gear? Head to your local PMT Store to Trade ‘N’ Upgrade!

At all PMT Stores, we offer Part Exchange services so you can get your dream gear, whether it be a Gibson Les Paul Classic 2016 Proprietary Run guitar, a new audio interface for your studio, or even an awesome boutique Strymon pedal!


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Part Exchange Terms and Conditions
Customers are able to trade in equipment as part-exchange against new items. The value of your equipment will act as money off your final purchase. The value of part exchanged items will be determined in-store only, and by the store manager. Any part-exchange offer is made at the discretion of the store Manager. PMT reserves the right to reject part-exchange transactions.

PMT £100 Voucher Giveaway Terms and Conditions
Competition runs from Saturday 30th April 2016 to Monday 2nd May 2016, 5:00PM. Any entries submitted after to Monday 2nd May 2016, 5:00PM, will not be entered into the prize draw. Participants must make a purchase at a PMT Store during the above dates to be entered in to the giveaway. Excludes employees of Professional Music Technology. UK residents may only apply. Prizes can't be transferred to third parties, nor be exchanged for money. If the selected winner does not reply within 24 hours their prize will be to be sent to a runner-up. Entries sent before and after the competition will not be counted as valid entries. One entry per person. Winners will be selected on Tuesday 3rd May 2016 after the closing date and time, and contacted via the email they used to enter the competition with.

60 Comments on “Trade ‘N’ Upgrade”

  • Luke meakin
    4th January 2017

    Just wondered roughly what I could get for my Gibson les Paul standard 2011 model as I'm wanting to change to a prs s2 singlecut semi hollow cheers

    • Admin
      5th January 2017

      Hi Luke,
      If you take your guitar into your nearest PMT Store they will be able to sort the part exchange for you. Unfortunately we can't offer evaluations online!

  • Dom
    10th January 2017

    Hi, I'd like to upgrade my Akai LPK 25 to something like the Akai MPK Mini 2, but my only proof of purchase is a bank statement - is this okay? Cheers.

    • Admin
      11th January 2017

      Hi Dom, if we can find the purchase on our system you should be okay - just call the store you bought the Akai LPK 25 from and see if you're okay to come in and upgrade before you make the journey.

  • Luke
    18th January 2017

    Hi. Just wondered if you allow trade on items that haven't originally been bought from PMT? I have a Roland jc40 that I know PMT sell, but I didn't buy if from you. Thanks

    • Admin
      19th January 2017

      Hi Luke, that's fine, we'll be more than happy to part-ex your Roland JC-40 for you in your nearest PMT store.

  • John Faulkner
    8th February 2017

    Hi there, I have an Epiphone Les Paul Cuatom Pro in Alpine White that is less than two months old, and I just cannot get used to its opulence and dont want to pick it up and play it. People usually trade in to upgrade, but I want to trade this in for just a Standard Les Paul model. Are you able to help, I know that you cannot give quotes by email, but this guitar is like new and hardly played. Thanks John

    • Admin
      14th February 2017

      Hi John, yes absolutely, just take your guitar into your nearest PMT Store and they will be able to give you a quote. See all our PMT Stores here:

  • Laurens Southgate
    16th March 2017

    I have a 2015 Fender American Standard Strat that I am thinking about exchanging. However it does have a couple of dings on the back. What is the policy with regard to cosmetic damage on items?

    • Admin
      16th March 2017

      Hi Laurens, if you're looking to part-ex your guitar in store the price you will receive may be affected by the cosmetic damage. Cheers - Sophie

  • Steve W
    28th March 2017

    Hi. I just want to ask if you would do part exchange on an Ibanez SR300EB. I don't want to bring it in store if there are price minimums on the items you are willing to part-ex. Most of the items I see up for part exchange tend to be on the more expensive side.

    • Admin
      29th March 2017

      Hi Steve, yes I'm fairly certain a PMT Store would part ex an Ibanez SR300EB. However, if you'd like to call your nearest PMT Store to get a 100% confirmation, all store phone numbers can be found here: - cheers, Sophie

  • ralph
    2nd April 2017

    hi pmt
    got a pristine condition minitaur and nord a1r.
    will they be able to part exchange?

    • Admin
      7th April 2017

      Hi Ralph, yes absolutely, feel free to take those items into your nearest PMT Store and get a quote from the manager for part ex.

  • matt
    4th April 2017

    Hi, Would you part exchange a Soundcraft Signature 22MTK mixing desk in one of your stores?

    • Admin
      7th April 2017

      Hi Matt, possibly, call your nearest store to find out!

  • Benis Kaboulo
    23rd April 2017

    I bought a Yamaha DTX400K drum set about 6 months ago and I'd like to know if it's possible to trade it in for an acoustic drum worth the same price? I have barely used the electronic drums so it is in mint condition.

    • Admin
      24th April 2017

      Hi Benis, you're more than welcome to bring your electronic kit to your nearest PMT Store to get it evaluated for part-ex towards the acoustic kit that you're after.

  • Hansol
    2nd May 2017

    I'm wondering if I can part exchange at your shop as a downgrade. I have a new version of taylor 616ce and want to get a new taylor koa gs mini. In this case, will I get the difference of between the prices?
    Thank you!

    • Admin
      3rd May 2017

      Hi Hansol, if you take your Talyor into your nearest PMT store they'll be able to evaluate the guitar and let you know what they can do about any prices differences. Cheers!

  • Paul Manning
    19th May 2017


    I'm looking at trading in a G&L Tribute ASAT Alassic Bluesboy semi-hollow in Blonde, which is in pretty much A1 condition. I'm wondering if this would be possible against a Gibson SG 2017 Standard T, or maybe a Special T? I'm asking because the Special isn't mega-expensive and the Standard is pretty reasonable too, and brand new the G&L is a little under £600. Cheers!

    • Admin
      22nd May 2017

      Hi Paul, yes the part-ex would be possible. If you take your guitar into your nearest store the store manager will give you a quote against the Gibson. Cheers!

  • jack burnley
    10th July 2017

    i have a few guitars none of which are the namiest of brands, one of which is in poor condition (a wiring problem) can i still use them for part exchange and is there a limit to how many guitars i can use?

    • Lee Glynn
      11th July 2017

      Hi Jack, this is at the discretion of the store manager. It's best to check with them at your local store first. -Lee

  • Ben Yates
    6th August 2017

    Hi guys, looking to trade my pair of Studio Master JX215A speakers in mint condition for some smaller, top end active speaker set up, bins tops etc. is that something you would be interested in discussing further? Am manchester based. Cheers.

    • Admin
      7th August 2017

      Hi Ben, you're best taking in your speakers to PMT Manchester to get them evaluated for a part-ex deal. Hope this helps!

  • Craig
    16th August 2017

    Hi there, I would like to buy a Gibson Les Paul standard and have 2 things to trade in. One is a Gibson Les Paul 60s tribute which I have the receipt for and the other is a Dean acoustic that I don't have a receipt for because I bought it from a friend. Would this be ok?

    • Admin
      16th August 2017

      Hi Craig, if you're looking to part ex in store we don't need a receipt, just you and your gear that you want to trade in! Feel free to pop into your nearest PMT Store when you can to part ex.

  • Anthony dewhirst
    22nd August 2017

    I have a hknano 300 + extra stand pack for px against Boss singer 60 w amp
    Please advise your best price

    • Lee Glynn
      23rd August 2017

      Hi Anthony, thanks for your question. However, it's best to contact your local store for details on trades. -Lee

  • Samuel
    28th August 2017

    Would I be able to trade in my drums to pmt but then order my drums online because the drums I want isn't available in my nearest store do I still get the discount from my old drums ?

    • Admin
      29th August 2017

      Hi Samuel, if you take your drums into your nearest PMT store for part ex they will be able to order in the new kit to the store or your address for you as part of the part ex deal. Hope that helps!

  • Tony Barreto-Neto
    1st September 2017

    I would like to down size my PDP 6 piece + snare kit with a 4 piece & new snare. I live in Faversham so do not have a store anywhere in area...can you please suggest how I might get an idea on the kind of trade I might get, without figuring out how to get my drums to London on a chance?
    They are the onyx blue CX Series from around 2005 in super condition.
    Thanks very much.

    • Lee Glynn
      4th September 2017

      Hi Tony, it would be best to contact your local store direct regarding trades. -Lee

  • Dan
    27th September 2017

    I'd looking to part ex a bass Speaker cabinet foremother, is this possible?

    • Admin
      29th September 2017

      Hi Dan, it certainly is possible to part-ex your cab. I'd suggest you call your nearest PMT Store (all store contact details can be found here: beforehand to arrange bringing your cab in.

  • Jake
    13th October 2017

    Would it be possible to exchange a guitar for some dj equipment? (Fender 1962 American stratocaster for a couple of turntables and a mixer?)

    • Admin
      13th October 2017

      Hi Jake, yes of course. Take your guitar into your nearest store and they will sort out the part-ex for you.

  • George
    27th October 2017

    Would you be able to trade in my epiphone g400 pro (with belt buckle rash) and a squier VM 77 j bass with a few hundred pounds for a Baja Tele?

    • Admin
      30th October 2017

      Hi Ryan, you would have to take your guitars to your nearest PMT store to have them valued for part ex.

  • Ryan
    28th October 2017

    Hi there, I have a komplete kontrol 49 in new condition with box and cables, can I exchange it for a mk2? Many thanks Ryan

    • Admin
      30th October 2017

      Hi Ryan, yes you can take your gear into your nearest store for a part-ex.

  • Matt
    6th February 2018

    Would you accept a Dean VMNT w/ hard case and ESP LTD Snakebyte w/ hard case? My nearest store is quite far away so would like to know if they’d be accepted before travelling.

    • Admin
      7th February 2018

      Hi Matt, you're best calling your nearest PMT Store to discuss the items you want to part ex before you travel.

  • Wood Paul
    11th February 2018

    I’d like to trade a apc40 mk2, a launchpad pro and a beatstep pro for a Ableton push 2. I bought all the bits from pmt Northampton and still have the recept.

    • Admin
      13th February 2018

      Hi Paul, if you'd like to take your gear into PMT Northampton they will be able to sort the part-ex for you.

  • Tom Gibbons
    30th March 2018

    What happens if I want to part ex for a cheaper item ?

    • Admin
      3rd April 2018

      Hi Tom, our stores would offer credit on the customer's account.

  • miles goodworth
    14th April 2018

    Hi Guys

    I have a Yamaha CVP 309 in excellent condition and wonder if you could give me an indicative price for part x against a korg kronos keyboard



    • Admin
      17th April 2018

      Hi Miles, you have to contact your nearest PMT Store for a rough estimation.

  • Ken Moss
    21st April 2018


    I have a 1980Gibson Les Paul Custom bought second hand from a shop in Vienna in 1998 (I think). I have no idea where the sales receipt is. Would this present a problem if I wanted to trade in?


    • Lee Glynn
      23rd April 2018

      Hi Ken, if you speak to your local store, they will be able to advise you on this.

    16th May 2018

    Hi I have a Vox ac30CC2. Is it possible to trade it for an amp of lesser value and get a
    credit ror voucher?

    • Admin
      17th May 2018

      Hi Pat, unfortunately you can only trade in your gear against a new item from our store. The value of your trade-in must be the same or lower than your new item. We are unable to add credit to your account.

  • Amy
    4th July 2018

    Hello, I was wondering if I could exchange my old viola for an electric violin since my viola is a violin with viola string put on after just wondering for future

    • Admin
      5th July 2018

      Hi Amy, yes that should be fine if we can order in an electric viola for you - you're best calling your local PMT Store just to double check:

  • John McGuigan
    4th November 2018

    Can I part ex 2 items at once against a Taylor 314ce. Thanks

    • Sophie Moss
      5th November 2018

      Hi John, yes you can!

  • Tony
    23rd June 2019

    I have a Vox VT20+ which is in mint condition and hardly used. I also have the manual. With it being an older model would you accept it as part exchange on a Yamaha thr 10 amp?

    • Sophie Moss
      24th June 2019

      Hi Tony, yes we can value that for you and part-ex it! Bring it into your nearest PMT Store and they will sort for you.

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