Ola Englund Guitar Clinic in Birmingham


PMT and Washburn are bringing Ola Englund to Birmingham this December, for an unmissable Guitar Clinic at the South & City College. It's your chance to learn some great tips from a true master of Heavy Metal riffing!

Ola Englund Ola Englund is coming to Birmingham!

Ola Englund found fame as a founding member of Feared, and as the lead guitarist with The Haunted and Six Feet Under. His guitar clinics and YouTube videos are extremely popular, and his teaching style is very helpful to beginners, though more advanced players can also benefit from his tutorials.

Here's a good example:

Englund's guitar clinics are so popular, in fact, that he's currently touring the World. After stopping in France, Germany, Brazil and Chile he'll finally hit British shores in December. Because it'll be a very special event and we expect demand to be very high, PMT is NOT hosting it at our Birmingham branch as usual, but at the South And City College in Birmingham. The event takes place on Wednesday 9th December from 7pm. Entry is £5, but totally FREE for college students.

2 Comments on “Ola Englund Guitar Clinic in Birmingham”

  • Owen Hughes
    12th October 2018

    How do I get 2 tickets for this event please?
    I would really like to come, Ola is awesome

    • Sophie Moss
      15th October 2018

      Hi Owen, apologies but this event happened in 2015.

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