Official Marshall Design Stores


We are proud to announce that all PMT music shops are now official Marshall Design Stores!

Everyone has a unique sound. Every player has their own unique personality. So why not have an unique amp? That’s what Design Store is all about. Marshall had the brilliant idea of offering a service that was previously enjoyed by only a select few. Now, your amp can look exactly the way you want it to #YOURAMPYOURWAY.


Whatever image you want for your band, get an amp that goes with it. Choose the colours, graphics, vinyls and frets you want. Marshall can do pretty much anything. There's a whole range of options you can have fitted on your new Marshall amp, right in their factory. These customizations are only available on a select range of Marshall amps.

How does it work?

Want an all white amp? No problem. Fancy a snakeskin amp with basket weave fret? Job done. In-store or over the phone, you can choose from Marshall's huge range of sample palettes for coverings, grille cloth, logo, piping and beadings.

We will then send your request to Marshall, who'll send a computer-aided design, showing what your final product should look like. After you've taken a look at your design and approved, we'll process the order and Marshall will do the rest!

Fret Options

cloth 650

From checker board to basket weave, classic black to tan-like cane colour, Marshall's fret cloth options allow you to choose from vintage designs right up to modern day looks when customising your Marshall. Want to go all black, or style your new custom amplifier after a Bluesbreaker? We've got the cloth to do it.

Vinyl Options

vinyl 650

Add another level of individuality to your Design Store amplifier with multiple colour options in the vinyl coverings. With bright levant coverings, a classic Jubilee-style grey and Anniversary edition style blue, the legacy of classic Marshalls can be selected from our wide palette. Want something a bit more contemporary? Try a western and python skin covering which offer something completely different!


Other customisations available

  • We can add images to the fret - i.e. band logo, your name, etc.
  • We can print a baffle for an existing Marshall Cab/ Combo.

Call us on 0151-448-2089 or pop in-store to discuss further.

Please note: Design Store is for cosmetic changes only. Once order has been confirmed with Marshall the order is non-refundable.

By Ivan Silva