Sky Arts Launches Guitar Star: Your Chance To Be On TV & Play Major UK Festival!


Do you think you got what it takes to be a true guitar hero? Are you the next Jimmy Page or perhaps the new Eddie Van Halen? Ever wondered how to play at a major UK music festival? Then the new TV show from Sky Arts is perfect for you - Guitar Star promises to do for guitarists what Pop Idol and X-Factor did for singers, and give them an opportunity to showcase their talents to a huge audience and play at Latitude Festival!


Many guitarists out there never get the big break they deserve - they may have lots of talent, but if they're not lucky enough to find the right band or outlet for their skills, they may go unnoticed. Well, Sky Arts aims to fix this with their new talent show, Guitar Star.

It sounds pretty much like a Pop Idol/X-Factor kind of show, but aimed at guitarists!

You just need to fill out the application form on the Sky Arts Guitar Star website and simply include links to at least one video clip of yourself playing the guitar, to be in for a chance of winning a prize like no other, and be crowned the Sky Arts Guitar Star 2015!

Sky Arts searching the UK and Ireland for extraordinary guitar players who are willing to jam, strum and pluck their way to victory for the chance to perform on the main stage of major UK music festival, Latitude.

Whether their jam is rock, classical, jazz or acoustic, competing guitarists will be tested on their ability to play both in a range of musical styles and a genre of their choice, and will perform at famous venues associated with their chosen style.

Throughout the process, contestants will meet and be mentored by some of the biggest guitar stars in the world. The semi-finalists will hone their act in a recording studio, where they will work with a global guitar legend to perfect their sound.

All of this will be taking place under the watchful eye of top DJ Edith Bowman, who added "The guitar is the most loved and most played instrument in the UK and I just know there are some fantastic unknown players out there... I can't wait to get stuck in to celebrating the wonders of the guitar across rock, jazz, folk, classical and beyond!"


To make sure you'll do a GREAT video, try using something like the Focusrite iTrack Pocket, for instance, which allows you to make HD videos, then quickly & easily upload them to YouTube:

Another useful tool is the Line 6 SonicPort VX:

We have a great selection of guitar interfaces for mobile devices, which can be useful when making great-sounding recordings.

And of course, don't forget to make sure you got a great sounding guitar!

Good luck!

Sky Arts Guitar Star website


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