The Trusted Music Store Scheme is a unique service which highlights and promotes some of the finest and most trusted music shops.

pmt trusted music store The Music Industries Association (MIA) has launched The Trusted Music Store Scheme to guide musicians to the best music shops in the UK. The music shops that are part of the scheme have been selected through their desire to offer great value, great service and peace of mind to everyone that comes to their store. All PMT Music Stores are extremely proud to be valued members of the Scheme, as it is an official recognition of the hard work and brilliant customer shopping experiences each store provides every day. Loraine Butler, Marketing Manager at MIA, says: “We want to highlight the benefits of shopping in-store, where customers can view and handle a wide range of instruments, receive individual guidance and information, ensuring they choose the right one for them.”

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  We strive to ensure a positive customer experience both in store and online. When you speak to a member of our team, we strive to make sure you get what you need, whether it's a set of strings or advice on your next PA installation. So visit your local PMT Store today and speak to our in store experts about your needs. Or alternatively call our customer service team on 0151 448 2089 for expert advice on all things musical instruments, PA, music production and more. We have over 200 experts in store and online ready to help you get the best sound and best deal possible. Visit for more information.