Enter Shikari - Touring, Synths And Korg

The Hertfordshire four-piece have been touring hard lately and are gearing up for a big Glastonbury performance this weekend. No simple rock combo they use a range of synths, samplers and MIDI gear on stage and in the studio. In the above video, we can spy a Kaoss pad and the mighty KingKorg. The band have been using it live at recent shows and festivals. However, their relationship with Korg gear goes all the way back to the beginning, using the KingKorg's spiritual successor the Radias along with the Electribe MX and ESX production stations, MicroKorg and Kaoss Pad 3. KM: What Korg gear is in your set-up? And why? RR: We’ve got a microKORG, the EMX and ES1 Electribes, KAOSS Pads 2 and 3, and the Radias. The EMX is just awesome; it’s so hands-on and you’ve got everything there right in front of you at your fingertips. The KAOSS Pad is great for the total control you have over the effects. The microKORG is just the cheekiest keyboard ever, with great sounds right there waiting for you as well as quick and easy manipulation of the sounds. The Radias is a beast and sounds lush! KM: How have you made use of all this gear? RR: I use the EMX for all the dance sequences, you can hear it in the intro to Anything Can Happen, and the arpeggiated synths for the intro to Enter Shikari live. I use the Radias for the string sections like in the breakdown in Return To Energiser and I used the microKORG for fiddly synth sequences like in Mothership and the chorus to Sorry You’re Not A Winner. I use the KAOSS Pad for all the filtering, a lot of the delay effects and occasionally the cutter. KM: How similar are your studio and live set-ups… how do the two differ? RR: I pretty much use the same set-up in the studio as I do live, although occasionally we experiment by putting live guitars and vocals through the KAOSS Pad as well.
It's easy to see why the lads have taken to the KingKorg, with tons of hands-on control, arpeggiator and effects built-in. Perfect to kick start the writing process and take on the road. enter shikari king korg