Randy Rhoads Gear Guide


Originally published on dolphinmusic.co.uk, updated 2017

Despite his short career, he is cited as an influence by many contemporary heavy metal guitarists. Here's a quick Randy Rhoads gear guide...

randy rhoads gear guide

Randy Rhoads Guitars

1964 Cream Gibson Les Paul Custom (dated by Randy Rhoads - unverified - as Les Pauls single cut stopped in 1960)
1957 Black Gibson Les Paul Custom
Karl Sandoval Polka Dot Flying V
White Jackson Randy Rhoads w. black pinstripes (called the "Concord" and was a prototype at the time)
Black Jackson Randy Rhoads
Guild 12 string acoustic
Mid 60s Fender Stratocaster
Gibson Firebird 12 string electric guitar
Martin 6 & 12 string acoustics

randy rhoads guitars


Crybaby Wah pedal
MXR Distortion + Script
MXR 10 band equalizer
MXR Stereo flanger
MXR Stereo chorus
Maestro Phase Shifter
Maestro Echoplex
Roland FV-300H Volume Pedal (try the Boss FV-500H)
Roland Space Echo (get that sound with Boss RE-20 Space Echo)


Marshall vintage Super Lead Plexi 100w amp heads (2) We recommend the Marshall 1987X Plexi Super Lead Guitar Head - 50W
Marshall 4x12 White cabinets with Altec Lansing speakers (2)
Marshall 4x12 Black cabinets with Altec Lansing speakers (2)
Marshall Plexi MKII Super Lead 100 watt amp (modded with cascade mod)
Ampeg 4x12 cabinet with Altec Lansing speakers
Peavey standard 130 watt amp
Fender Harvard 1x12 amp

Randy's FX pedals order, onstage, was: wah > distortion > EQ > flanger > chorus > delays > two amps

Randy Rhoads Signature Guitars

The late Randy Rhoads has had many signature models released. Here's a few of our favourite Randy Rhoads signature guitars available today.



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