Online Ukulele Tuner Video - How Do I Tune A Ukulele?


Want to know how to tune a Ukulele? Watch our handy online Ukulele Tuner video guide.

online ukulele tuner video guide

Here's a great little online ukulele tuner courtesy of Sam from PMTVUK. In this video, Sam helps you make sure your new Uke is tuned to the right notes! There's few things worse than playing an out-of-tune ukulele... it's such an easy instrument to play, but if it's out of tune you'll think it's the hardest!

This tuner is for the standard G-C-E-A ukulele tuning. Click on the note for the string you want to tune and then turn the tuning knobs on your ukulele to match it up or down with the note that is being played. If you have a Banjo Ukulele, then the tunings are still the same, so this will work.

*For those of you who are beginners or are used to guitar tuning, to save confusion it would be worth mentioning to you that the top string (G) is supposed to be higher in pitch than the C and E below it.

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Now, let's learn how to tune a Ukulele with our online Ukulele Tuner video, below.

However, any Uke player is advised to have their own tuner, for extra convenience. You might not always have access to the internet or an online ukulele tuner, so it makes sense to have a spare battery powered ukulele tuner in your case or backpack. Fortunately they don't cost the earth!

Best Ukulele Tuners & Accessories

If you want a REAL tuner for your ukulele, then the best choices are the clip-on Chromatic Tuners, here's a selection of our bestselling models and a few essential ukulele accessories that won't let you down:

TOURTECH Clip-On Instrument Tuner

TOURTECH TTA-T02 Clip-On Tuner

The TOURTECH Clip-On Instrument Tuner provides everything you need in a ukulele tuner. Quick and easy to use, it clips on to the headstock of your ukulele and provides you with accurate tuning every time! Best of all, it works with a variety of different stringed instruments as well as guitar.

TOURTECH Clip-On Instrument Tuner with Colour Screen

TourTech TTA-T01 Colour Screen Clip-On Tuner

If you prefer a colour screen and a variety of different viewing angles, then the TOURTECH Clip-On Instrument Tuner with Colour Screen is ideal. Again, this works with guitar, bass, violin, ukulele and more stringed instruments and is also accurate to within +/- 1 cent. It's also under £10!

TOURTECH A-Frame Universal Guitar Stand

TOURTECH A-Frame Universal Guitar Stand

The TOURTECH A-Frame Universal Guitar Stand is a great way to keep your ukulele safe. Considering their so small, they can be prone to being knocked over or bumped, so why not make them pride of place on a shelf or in a room within your house? This high quality ukulele stand, whioch also works with guitars and basses will help to stop your ukulele being knocked about and encourage you to play it more by being out for all to see.

TOURTECH Guitar Capo

TOURTECH Guitar Capo

When you want to experiment with alternate keys, you'll need a capo! The TOURTECH Guitar Capo is the perfect option and extremely affordable too. The trigger release makes it easy to attach and the Matte chrome aluminium ensures this thing lasts a lifetime!

Ukulele Gig Bag

TOURTECH 10mm Bag For Soprano Ukulele

Ukuleles are great instruments for travelling musicians as they;re so compact. However, due to the smaller nature they are quite fragile. So it makes sense to protect your ukulele as much as possible. The TOURTECH 10mm Bag For Soprano Ukulele is a budget friendly way of protecting your ukulele without breaking the bank.

If you wanted to go the whole way and get a hard case for your ukulele, we also recommend the TOURTECH Gold Tweed Soprano Ukulele Case, 21", which is a stylish way of keeping your uke safe and sound on your travels..

TOURTECH Gold Tweed Soprano Ukulele Case, 21"

The ukulele is a great instrument all round and makes a fantastic gift for musicians who want to expand their skills.

Be sure to check out PMT's exciting range of ukuleles, we have everything you could possibly want from beginner to professional models, traditional colours to rainbow ukes, bargain instruments from just £20 and top of the range ukes that are worth an extra penny.

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