Blackstar Artist 15 Valve Combo
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Blackstar Artist 15 Valve Combo

At the heart of the Blackstar Artist 15 lies a unique power amplifier design that harnesses the tonal qualities of the revered 6L6 valve. Bl..

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At the heart of the Blackstar Artist 15 lies a unique power amplifier design that harnesses the tonal qualities of the revered 6L6 valve. Blackstar have optimized the power parameters of this amp to allow for interesting dynamics. These classic valve tones are reminicent with a USA 6l6 Design, whilst maintaining that classic British amp sound.

2 Channel 15 Watt Valve Amp

The Artist 15’s two channels offer a wide palette of classic tones. and each channel can be set as either a clean channel or a classic overdrive channel. Every feature is refined with an emphasis on simplicity and sonic purity. to allow a musician total freedom in shaping their own sound.

Blackstar Artist 15 Valve Combo Highlights

  • Premium-grade, all-tube combo amplifier
  • Two channels
  • Blackstar's patented ISF Control
  • On-board Digital Reverb and Speaker Emulated Output
  • Buffered Effects Loop
  • Includes FS-4 footswitch
  • Finance options available

Foot switch enabled, reverb, master volume and effects loop augment the sonic experience. making the product completely equipped for today’s exacting performance requirements.

As with all Blackstar products reliability is essential. The Artist 15 has been subject to countless hours of endurance testing. Both in the laboratory and in live performance. Meaning you can rely on the Artist 15 night after night in the most demanding gig environments.

All this quality, served up with a visual elegance worthy of the greatest stages and performers. From the metallic thread in the classic paper fret to the embossed Blackstar detail on the luxury leather carrying strap, nothing is left to chance in delivering the Artist 15 - The New Classic.

Two Channels

  • Channel 1 - At low channel volume the amplifier will be completely clean. Increasing the amount of volume will see the amplifier start to break up into a natural mild overdrive response. The Tone control allows adjustment of the balance between treble and bass frequencies within the sound. At low settings (counter clockwise) the sound will be warmer and darker in character. As the Tone control is rotated clockwise the sound will become brighter.
  • Channel 2 - Channel 2 can be adjusted between a clean and medium overdrive response by adjusting the Gain control. Low settings (counter clockwise) will deliver a clean sound. As the Gain control is increased clockwise the sound will be more harmonically rich until a classic overdrive response is achieved.

ISF Control

The ISF control works in conjunction with the Tone control. It allows you to choose the exact tone signature you prefer. Fully CCW is a more American characteristic with a tight bottom end and more aggressive middle, and fully CW is a British characteristic which is more ‘woody’ and less aggressive.

Digital Reverb

The reverb control sets the overall level of the reverb effect. With the control fully counter clockwise there will be no reverb. Turning the control clockwise will increase the amount of reverb.

Speaker Emulated Output

The Blackstar emulated output design is a new benchmark for pro direct recording. This no-compromise design makes it easy to get your tone to disk and tape. You can also use it to run a line out to a PA.

Effects Loop

The amp features an effects loop to allow you to connect effects pedals or other professional equipment using the return and send connections. The Effects Loop Level switch sets the effects loop to either +4dBV/-10dBV, which enables you to use it with either professional equipment (+4dBV setting), or with guitar level effects such as effects pedals (-10dBV setting).

FS-4 Footswitch

The footswitch provided enables you to switch between the Channel 1 and the Channel 2.


  • 2 Channels
  • 1x12 Celestion V-Type
  • 2 x 6L6 valves
  • 2 x ECC83
  • Patented ISF
  • Reverb
  • Series effects loop
  • Footswitchable channels and reverb
  • Boutique styling
  • Black covering
  • Black paper fret with silver thread
  • Black chicken head knobs
  • Artisan style panel


Weight (kg)21.5000
Channels2 channels
Warranty2 years
SeriesArtist Series
Woofer Size12" woofer
Power15 watts
Amp Typevalve / tube amplifier

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