Aston Halo Reflection Filter
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Aston Halo Reflection Filter

by Aston
Halo Reflection Filter; taking Aston’s revolutionary approach to microphone design and applying it to recording accessories, this portable..

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Halo Reflection Filter; taking Aston’s revolutionary approach to microphone design and applying it to recording accessories, this portable reflection filter draws on years of recording experience and delivers incredible results.

Portable Reflection Filter

Made using environmentally friendly materials and durable steel, combined with years of recording experience, the Aston HALO is a fantastic reflection filter that is perfect for any studio.

Approximately 40% bigger surface area than the main competitor, with ridges that almost double this, the Aston HALO delivers not only horizontal but vertical cover as well so reflections from the floor and ceiling are not a bother.

Despite all that has gone into it, the Aston HALO is incredibly lightweight so it’s highly portable to boot.

Aston Halo Reflection Filter Key Features:

  • Hi Tech construction with patented PET felt
  • Patented design, enhanced performance
  • Radically improved Isolation
  • Filtering top and bottom (not just horizontally)
  • Much bigger surface area and depth of acoustic treatment
  • More linear absorption and diffusion
  • Incredibly Lightweight Proprietary ‘easy-mount’ hardware


Student Discount

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Simply visit your local PMT Store with your Student ID card, or (if buying online) contact our online sales team directly for more information, and you'll be eligible!


Patented HALO Design Delivers Enhanced Performance

Aston Microphones’ Halo has a unique design that has been patented. It is much bigger than most reflection filters, wrapping around the top and bottom for a maximum rear depth of almost 100mm, improving room isolation and absorption while the textured, wave-formed surface aids diffusion of direct sound.

The Aston HALO is made from patented PET felt that has been fabricated from 70% recycled plastic bottles, as part of Aston’s commitment to eco-friendly practises without compromising performance.

In fact, thanks to a patented cold press process that Aston utilise, the PET felt used is up to five times more acoustically efficient than foam.

Also, the special rib cage has been designed to aid diffusion from both the interior and exterior of the Aston Halo with its top and bottom wrap-around deflection reflection from the floor and ceiling; something you don’t often find in reflection filters.

Durable Construction

Making use of steel hardware, the Aston Halo is incredibly durable as is the deceptively tough PET felt!

Aston Mics are confident in the strength and durability of the Aston Halo and offer an extended 3 Year Warranty when you register your purchase with them.

Suitable for use with all Aston microphones or any other shock mounted microphone, the Aston Halo delivers incredible performance.



Weight (kg)2.0000
Materialacoustic foam

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