Yamaha THR100HD Dual Guitar Amp Head

Yamaha THR100HD Dual Guitar Amp Head

by Yamaha
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Two heads aren’t always better than one. But two amps are. Yamaha THR100HD Dual is a true dual-amp version of THR100H with two identical channels of natural drive and incredible dynamics.

Revolutionary twin-channel digital amp - The ultimate tone machine!

The THR100HD comes equipped with 5 switchable tube types and 5 switchable amp types. Totally independent controls, fully discrete signal paths with dual selectable inputs, and A/B/A+B switching give you access to the big dual-amp sounds that guitar tone icons have known about for years.  The THR100HD is essentially a twin version of the THR100H, allowing for even more versatility thanks to a second channel and input. Both channels feature the amp/tube switching allowing for the user to customise two distinct sounds for lead and rhythm.

Versatile Tone Options

From the ergonomic front panel, flick through 5 different amp types including Modern, Clean, Lead, Crunch and Solid settings. Instantly switch between A and A/B configurations on the back panel, or dial things down for smaller venues with a power output switch down to 50w or 20w modes.

  • Modern - An “American-modded” version of the Lead amp-type, slightly more saturation and smooth, fluid overdrive
  • Lead - Medium-gain British tone with rich, controllable overdrive and great definition
  • Crunch - Low-powered, bright British tone with soft touch and chiming high-end
  • Clean - Warm, rounded American tone with late breakup and incredible dynamics
  • Solid - Clean, solid-state amp for zero breakup at any level

Fine-Tuned Tube Response

The THR100HD utilises Yamaha’s VCM Technology to faithfully reproduce the characteristics of each tube type - so it's like having 5 valve amps rolled into one! Simply dial in your favourite tube setting on the back, and instantly transform your tone. Fancy the typically 'British' EL34, or USA-inspired 6L6GC, or anything in between? THR100HD offers a complete palette of tone options to find your sweet spot.

  • 6V6 - Warm, soft, round sound with rich harmonics and easy distortion
  • EL84 - Smooth feel with soft, tactile, harmonically rich response and a pleasingly musical top end. Widely used in modern class A amps
  • KT88 - Big, clean, tight sound with outstanding headroom—great for rock, where more pronounced note definition is desirable
  • 6L6GC - Strong, pronounced midrange character and bright, clean, powerful punch. Commonly associated with American guitar sounds
  • EL34 - Pronounced midrange, tight low end and crisp treble. The most recognisable British guitar sound

Road-ready design

Weighing in at only 3.6kg, the Yamaha THR100HD exceeds all expectations for an amplifier of this power output and capability. Lightweight enough to take on the road, to the studio, or anywhere around the home. A rugged metal chassis, similar to the compact Yamaha TH Series, offers sufficient component protection while keeping weight as low as possible. Changing the vibe halfway through a gig is no longer an issue with the included 3-way footswitch. Hands-free control over the Boost function, Reverb effects and FX loop exactly when you need it.

Best of Both worlds

With the THR100HD, you get all the tonal benefits of an analogue amp, with the advantages of a digital interface. USB connectivity opens you up to a world of custom presets, and a vast online community to download and share custom sounds. When connected to your PC or Mac, you can make use of Yamaha's Impulse Response Speaker Simulation to experiment with different mic and cabinet simulations when recording via DI. THR amps are also equipped with XLR outputs for direct connectivity to your PA or silent recording in the studio.

THR Cabinet integration

For the complete THR system out on tour or recording, check out the Yamaha THR extension speaker cabinets. With 1 x 12" and 2 x 12" options to go hand-in-hand with the THR Heads, Yamaha’s engineers have captured the component-level interaction between the speakers and the power amp. THR amps successfully control the 'Damping Factor', which offers class-leading performance with these cabs, even at low volumes.

Find your local PMT Store for a full demonstration of what this revolutionary amp is capable of. As an authorised UK Dealer and Yamaha Pulse Centre, we've got stores nationwide with dedicated Yamaha demo areas, expert advice on-hand and everything you need on your quest for the ultimate guitar tone.


  • Power: 100W (Solid State)
  • Power-level switching: 100W, 50W, 25W
  • Channels: Two
  • Inputs: Two (2 x 1/4" Jack)
  • Impedance: 4, 8, 16 ohms
  • Controls: 3-band EQ, gain, volume, presence, reverb, level, amp type, tube type
  • Effects: Boost, Reverb (hall, plate, room, spring), Noise gate
  • Tube types: EL34, 6L6GC, KT88, EL84, 6V6
  • Amp types: Solid, Clean, Crunch, Lead, Modern
  • Connections: USB port, FX loop
  • Footswitch: 4-way Footswitch Included (5-Pin)
  • Audio Outputs: Headphone Out, XLR DI Out, 2 x 1/4" Jack Speaker Emulated Out
  • Dimensions: (W) 17.5 in. x (D) 9.7 in. x (H) 4.92 in. 
  • Weight: 4.17kg (9.2lbs)




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Great customer service
I went to PMT to buy my son some drumming accessories for his birthday. The staff were friendly and helpful and the store has had a bit of a makeover so was a great open and inviting space.
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Great customer service
I went to PMT to buy my son some drumming accessories for his birthday. The staff were friendly and helpful and the store has had a bit of a makeover so was a great open and inviting space.
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