Wharfedale PMX700 7 Channel Powered Mixing Desk

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The Wharfedale PMX700 is a 7 channel powered mixing desk with built in FX for use with small to medium sized passive pa speakers. It's compact design with convenient carry handle lends itself to soundsystems that need to be portable as possible including small impromptu setups for singers and corporate presentations.


Each channel has a 2 band EQ and FX send which enable the user to cut and boost high and low frequencies which can be particularly important when getting the most out of your more compact soundsystem.


There are a total of 16 built in effects including the following: Hall Reverb (x 2), Room Reverb (x 3), Plate Reverb (x 3), Chorus, Flanger Delay (x 3), Chorus/Room (x 2), Vocal Cancelation and rotary speaker. These can be mixed precisely by using the FX send and return controls on the mixer and the FX mix controls so users can create a slight room reverb on a vocal to a long lasting tail end on their delay effect.

Users can connect multiple instruments and microphones including condensor microphones (which use the phantom power). For line sources such as backing tracks, CD and MP3 players you can connect this on the 7th and final stereo channel via the phono or 6.3mm jack.

Finally the overall sound can be tweaked using the master 7 band graphic EQ, and users can even take a record out or mix out to integrate the package as part of a larger system or enjoy their recording at a later date. Again, Wharfedale Pro have delivered a feature packed mixer yet retaining both quality and price needed for the mobile musician.



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I have always found all members of staff very helpful
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