Voodoo Lab VL-VP Proctavia Guitar Effects Pedal

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The VoodooLabs Proctavia builds on the success of the original, iconic 'Octavia' effects pedal, originally designed by Jimi Hendrix's sound technician, Roger Mayer. As heard on his 'Purple Haze' record, and also used by Stevie Ray Vaughn, the Proctavia includes the same transistors, germanium diodes and transformer coupled output stage as the original circuit to produce the outrageous distortion and high octave sound. Proctavia has been hand-wired in the USA with a delicate balance between vintage and modern components, and is housed in a rugged, die cast aluminium chassis with metal footswitch and 100% true analogue bypass switching.


Power Supply1 x 9v battery / 1 x 9v power supply
Warranty2 years

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Great choice, great people
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