TC Electronic Wiretap Riff Recorder

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Instantly record your guitar riffs with CD quality! Just step on this lilttle pedal as you go along... a superbly simple idea, but one which only TC Electronic could have made real. The Wiretap Riff Recorder will be one of your most useful tools, especially when jamming new ideas!

The TC Electronic Wiretap is NOT a looper... but a recorder!

So WHY should you have one? You may ask "Can't I just use any recorder or my phone to record my riffs?" While this is true, the Wiretap allows you to choose when to record on the go, using just your foot, while you're playing... something you can't do with any other recorder! And without having to worry about placing your recorder /mic on a good location, as the sound you'll record will come straight from your guitar, either the clean sound as first pedal on your chain, or after your effects. And, at the same size as a Ditto Looper, the Wiretap doesn't require much space.

And thanks to its excellent app, you can trim your recordings on your phone, and share with your friends.

Perfect Pedal Memory

We guitarists tend to trust our own memory too much. We create that million-dollar riff, tell ourselves we'll remember it for later, and when we return…GONE! We take notes, use voice recording apps but nothing really sticks. There's simply too many steps and distractions from the moment of inspiration to when it's captured. With WireTap there's only one step, or rather one stomp. Press record and start playing, WireTap will take care of the rest right there on your pedalboard.

Work Smarter

Becoming a great songwriter takes work and dedication, but that doesn't mean you can't work smarter to get to the good songs faster. The free WireTap app lets you do just that. When you've captured your ideas on the pedal, simply sync it up with the app via Bluetooth to transfer your riffs and sketches to your phone. You can also use the app as a high-quality standalone recorder for capturing quick ideas on the go. From there you can tag, name, group, trim and share your riffs in the app, giving you a structured and highly efficient workflow. The distance from rough riff to finished song of awesomeness has never been shorter.

No Compromise On Quality And Quantity

WireTap Riff Recorder is the perfect example of how quality and quantity don't have to be mutually exclusive. This tiny pedal offers more than 8 (!!!) hours of recording time, all stored in glorious 24-bit uncompressed audio for you to work on later in your DAW of choice or in the WireTap App. So say goodbye to voice recording apps and hand-held recorders that constantly clip and run out of space, and say hi to your new favorite songwriting partner.


  • Pedal-simple Riff Recorder
  • Record up to 8hours of music on the pedal
  • Records in 24-bit 44.1khz audio quality
  • Free accompanying app for iOS and Android
  • Bluetooth connectivity - Sync the pedal with the app
  • Trim, tag, group, name and share your riffs via the app
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Runs on 9V DC/100mA



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Excellent Service
Knowledgeable staff. Go the extra mile to help. Great prices as well
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Excellent Service
Knowledgeable staff. Go the extra mile to help. Great prices as well
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