Steinberg Halion 5 Education

Gives you new ways to play, produce and compose. At core is a high end sound engine with incredible effects, technology developed for Steinb..

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Amazing service
Served by a guy called Andy in Nottm and he knew everything I asked, both friendly and polite and was a credit to PMT. I'd shop there again without reservation becuase of him.
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Gives you new ways to play, produce and compose. At core is a high end sound engine with incredible effects, technology developed for Steinberg's flagship software. Combine this with workflow & arrangement options which allow you to capture inspiration the moment it strikes. Thinking fast with MIDI Modules and make sweeping changes easily or taking your time with MegaTrig to develop truly original sound.


  • State-of-the-art sampler and sound creation system tailored to the demands of professionals
  • Up to 192 kHz, 32 stereo outputs and 6-channel surround support
  • Powerful multi-timbral audio engine with disk-streaming sample playback, tone-wheel organ simulator and high-end virtual analog and granular synthesis
  • Outstanding library including over 2,500 synthesized sounds and breathtakingly authentic acoustic instruments
  • Flexible user interface with multi-monitor support allows you to customize and save your own windows and screen sets
  • AudioWarp provides cutting-edge time-stretching and pitchshifting functionality
  • Full VST Expression 2 support for smart articulation editing in Cubase
  • FlexPhraser module drives beats, arpeggios and complex tonal phrases
  • MegaTrig for easy programming of playing styles and articulations
  • Wide range of high-end audio effects, including REVerence convolution reverb, VST Amp simulation and many more

More than a sampler

HALion combines the best in sampling technology with the latest in virtual analog synthesis to offer a fully integrated sound design environment for professionals. HALion 5 further extends the sound-creation possibilities through the addition of a granular synthesis engine and an ultra-authentic tone wheel oscillator. Plus, audio tools such as the new Slicing module and the Audio Warp pitch-shifting and time-stretching toolkit make audio material supremely malleable — reform and remold audio to suit your project and not the other way round. Build complex sample libraries on the fly, create cutting-edge synths and invent your own sound — all in one intuitive instrument.

    Who's Using Halion?

  • Producers HALion 5 is loaded with an arsenal of mind-blowing loops and instruments for the discerning producer and combines a powerful synth engine with a drum and instrument sampling engine and extraordinary sound design capabilities. There are over 2,500 programs and over 850 layers that allow producers to create fresh new hits in a breeze. The included sweetsounding audio effects in HALion 5 provide all that is needed to let beats and melodies sound punchier, louder and dirtier: highend reverbs, delays, modulation effects, dynamic processors and it just goes on and on! HALion 5 includes over 1,500 Yamaha FlexPhrases to inject even more energy into any project. The flexible internal routing management lets producers implement HALion 5 easily into their producing environment and makes HALion 5 an irreplaceable part of the production.
  • Composers and musicians HALion 5 offers a complete range of world-class acoustic, electric and electronic instrument sounds along with a wealth of drums, effects and more — all in a powerful yet inexpensive instrument that appeals to composers and session musicians alike. For all those who focus on making music rather than fiddling with synth parameters, HALion 5 is simply a dream come true. The included studio-quality library features up to 20 articulations per instrument for natural-sounding productions and covers an enormous range of styles: all the way from finest detailed acoustic instruments to legendary synthesizers, club sounds and soundscapes, from ultra-realistic acoustic drum kits to the latest electronic beats.
  • Sound designers HALion 5 offers sound designers everything they need to turn their sonic vision to reality. Developed according to the requirements of professional sound designers HALion 5 is an user-friendly and intuitive to handle sound creation system of its own, that allows sound designers to map sounds fast and easy and generate complex programs without the need of scripting. The flexible desktop architecture of HALion 5 can individually be adjusted to each step of the creative process and fits gently into any professional environment. The in-depth editing opportunities of HALion 5 give sound designers the chance to create their own sound and the combination of sample and synthetic layers mixed with the powerful FX stage opens up the door to the next level of sound design.

New Effects

  • VST Amp delivers fabulous guitar and bass tone, featuring stunningly authentic recreations of legendary amps and speaker models, mic types and positions.
  • Auto Filter is a next-generation sound-morphing machine, that will take you on a journey through new soundscapes, driven by the LFO and Envelope Follower.
  • Wah Wah is a faithful emulation of the best Wah pedals available. This simple yet flexible effect features parameters for frequency range, filter width & gain range.
  • Tape Saturator heats up digital samples and recordings. This authentic recreation of analog gear can make the difference between sounding good and sounding great.
  • Step Flanger redefines the traditional flanger effect by adding a sample and hold section that subdivides the modulation signal into a definable number of steps.
  • Ring Modulator creates new sonic worlds by multiplying two audio signals; its simple GUI belies the radically new sounds that are just a few clicks away.
  • Vintage Ensemble is an inspirational new take on a classic ‘ensemble’-type chorus effect. Vintage Ensemble adds a shimmer and sparkle to guitars, keyboards and other instruments.
  • Envelope Shaper is a powerful and useful tool that manipulates the transients of signals offering variable attack gain and length, as well as release gain.
  • Octaver is a highly creative effect useful for treating all manner of audio material, the Octaver adds signals one and two octaves below the input signal.ease gain.

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    Amazing service
    Served by a guy called Andy in Nottm and he knew everything I asked, both friendly and polite and was a credit to PMT. I'd shop there again without reservation becuase of him.
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