Skeletoncase FF65-43 Full Flight Case for Medium DJ Controllers

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Protect your gear properly with a Skeleton Case FF65-43! With PICK FOAM inserts you can pluck out the desired shape, meaning you can use your Skeletoncase to protect literally anything.

These lockable flight cases are heavy duty and designed to house DJ equipment such as DJ controllers, mixers, microphones etc... or pretty much anything that fits in!

The Skeleton Case FF65-43 medium flight case has pick foam inserts that allow you to pluck out the exact shape to fit your gear.

Customisable flightcase for your tech. Designed to fit almost any object that will fit inside the case! Will house medium sized DJ controllers, keyboards & mixers. Includes dual layer pickfoam that can be customised to securely hold your gear. If you upgrade your tech, don’t get a new Skeletoncase, replacement pickfoam is available for all case sizes!

Full flight finish is designed for everyday professional use. Features include: heavier and more robust finish, lockable butterfly catches, ball corners and aluminium extrusion.

Full flight custom storage for medium sized controllers, amplifiers and CDJs


Warranty2 years

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I have always found all members of staff very helpful
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