Shure GLXD16 Beta Digital Guitar Wireless System

by Shure
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The GLX-D Digital wireless system is one of the most advanced 2.4GHz wireless systems available. Offering automatic frequency management and best in class lithium-ion rechargeable battery system. The GLX-D16 guitar system is ideal for the guitarist or bass player that need a little more freedom to roam around their performing space, without sacrificing their tone. The unique design of the GLXD-6 pedal format receiver offers great flexibility and a built in tuner right there on your pedal board.

Affordable 2.4GHz digital wireless systems.Professional quality sound. Rechargeable.

The Shure Beta Digital guitar wireless system on top of so many things offers a secure and clean connection quality which is essential in live performance. The new digital technology incorporated into Shure's new wireless range works on wi-fi frequencies unaffected by the 2012 switchover. Although you don't need a license users can still guarantee minimal interference with 17 frequencies which are automatically selected by the unit based on signal quality. Both the bodypack and receiver pedal are housed in a rugged metal, yet lightweight casing, ready for life on the road. Not only will the receiver take up minimal space on your pedal board but you can also clear vital room with its built in tuner complete with classic needle-style led display. For the more athletic rock star, the GLXD1 bodypack has a locking screw thread on the guitar lead meaning no matter how much you are jumping around the stage you won't lose connection.


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I have always found all members of staff very helpful
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