Novation Remote 25 SL MkII USB MIDI Keyboard

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The Novation Remote 25 SL MKII is a professional USB MIDI Keyboard that feels, plays and integrates like a high quality instrument, not just your run-of-the-mill USB controller.

A velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted action keybed is built by Fatar with assignable aftertouch for outstanding response and performance, so your melodies and MIDI notation are more dynamic than ever. Illuminated LED-surround encoders are instantly assignable to almost every paramater of your DAW or Plug-in, offering comprehensive control for live performance or automation recording. Backlit buttons throughout provide instant visual feedback for every physical control, further reducing reliance on the computer screen. Not only that - a large backlit LCD display provides realtime feedback to your parameter and on-screen dialog so you can spend more time on your playing and less time gawking at the screen. 8 upfaders also offer dedicated control over your virtual for quick and intuitive mixing at the final stages of your project.

The Novation Remote 25 SL MKII is boxed with their renowned Automap 3 PRO control software - acting as an easy-to-use virtual interface between you and your DAW. Quickly and intuitively map each control on your keyboard to any parameter within a few clicks or touches. Remote MKII keyboards also include the Xcite+ bundle - Featuring a host of royalty-free loops and samples, a full-fledged soft-synth and Ableton Live 7 Lite, providing an affordable upgrade path to Ableton Live.


Warranty2 years

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Excellent Service
Knowledgeable staff. Go the extra mile to help. Great prices as well
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Excellent Service
Knowledgeable staff. Go the extra mile to help. Great prices as well
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