Natal Arcadia TJ Jazz 18in Drum Shell Pack in Sunburst

by Natal
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The Natal Arcadia series drum kits are available in a range of different configurations to span the needs of todays players. Jazz, rock or metal, the Arcadia series is sure to have a set-up right for you! This particular kit being the Traditional Jazz consists of 2 toms, a kick and a snare drum. A simplistic set-up for arguably one of the more complex genres of music.

Traditional jazz layout of Natal's Arcadia series drum kit. Available now in a choice of 4 stunning colours.

While resonant in the top end, Birch has plenty of attack while maintaining a ‘mid-scooped’ tone a quality favoured by studio engineers and recording artists. The lugs are lower mass editions of the distinctive Original Series lug. They are British designed and embossed with the iconic Natal sun logo. The tom mount is also British designed and features the Double Tom Mount (DTM) used on the Double Tom Stand from Natal’s acclaimed Pro Series hardware. The DTM’s non-slip aluminium ball design allows you to position your toms accurately at just about any angle. And with the aluminium ball being more durable than the resin ball more commonly used, you get greater hold, stability and longevity. There is also a post clamp on the DTM to mount a cowbell, tambourine, or other percussion.

Bass drum claws feature rubber gaskets to help protect the hoop from getting marked under tension. Shell mounted telescopic bass drum legs allow the bass drum to be positioned securely. Arcadia features 2mm triple flanged chrome hoops for a more open and resonant sound. Bass drum hoops are colour matched with the bass drum on wrap and lacquer finishes.


  • 100% Birch Drum Shell
  • Natal Low Mass Sun Lugs
  • Triple Flange Hoops
  • Die Cast Bass Drum Claws
  • Two Natal Badges Per Tom

Drum Kit Configuration:

  • 18" x 14" Bass Drum
  • 12" x 8" Tom
  • 14" x 12" Floor Tom


Hardware / Cymbalscymbals and hardware not included
Bass Drum Size18" x 14"
Floor Tom Size14" x 12"
Shell Count4 piece kit
Shell Materialbirch

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Great place to shop or look around.Staff very willing to help.Excellent service
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new amp
Great place to shop or look around.Staff very willing to help.Excellent service
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