MunroSonic Egg150 Monitoring System, Black

MunroSonic Egg150 Monitoring System, Black

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Representing the pinnacle of 100% UK design and development, the MunroSonic Egg 150s build upon the success of the original EGG Monitoring System, produced by Andy Munro in conjunction with Sonic Distribution.

Critically accurate studio monitor system with Class-A preamp and revolutionary egg-shaped monitor design

The Egg is a fully ‘Active Integrated Monitoring System’ that incorporates a fundamental rethink of the loudspeaker engineering process. The traditional wooden box has been replaced by a scientifically proven, curved enclosure that virtually eliminates diffraction and resonant effects that distort and smear the original sound. The result is a stunning clarity that brings the smallest details into focus and yet delivers the entire mix as a coherent whole.

By de-coupling the amplification and loudspeaker chassis, the cabinets don't suffer from any unwanted resonance that may colour or distort the stereo image. The Egg 150 amplification system includes a Class-A headphone output for high-fidelity monitoring, worth several hundreds of pounds in its own right! Constructed from military-grade materials, the preamp section also includes dedicated HF and LF EQ controls, input source matrix a tailored mid-range trim to emulate the super-flat passive monitoring systems that have become an industry standard around the world.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Egg monitoring system gives you a completely honest and truthful sonic picture. Allowing you to create and inspire with mixes that have impact, breathe and where every detail can find it's place. With a frequency response down to 40Hz, the Egg 150s are the only monitoring system you'll need in any studio environment, and have been adopted by some of the biggest mix engineers around the world as their #1 choice.

  • Unique monocoque shell construction (rigid and resonant neutral)
  • Near zero diffraction interference (smooth frequency response)
  • No internal standing waves (greatly reduced smearing)
  • Perfect bass port integration (superb transient response)
  • Free standing control unit and integrated amplification with 3m matched speaker cables
  • Dual input switching and level control
  • Ultra fast and low distortion (4*50W) with 100W/Channel headroom indicator
  • Precise 'sweet spot' – unique LED locator guide beams
  • Integrated base with adjustable vertical alignment (allows for perfect sweet spot in both vertical and horizontal planes)
  • Precision trim pots for bass (LF) and High Frequency (HF) calibration
  • Critical Mid Frequency equalisation for ‘Hard’, ‘Soft’ or ‘Reference’ listening



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Knowledgeable staff. Go the extra mile to help. Great prices as well
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Excellent Service
Knowledgeable staff. Go the extra mile to help. Great prices as well
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