Marshall DSL40C Limited Edition Combo, Vintage Finish

Marshall DSL40C Limited Edition Combo, Vintage Finish

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Marshall DSL40C - Limited Edition Vintage Finish

Legendary British tone through and through, the DSL40C sits right in the sweet spot for any guitarist after a 'one size fits all' combo. A stonking great 40 watts of valve for live, down to 20 watts for home/studio and it's nicely compact being a 1x12. Backing up its classic credentials is a sweetly voiced Celestion speaker and this Limited Edition model comes in a fancy pants finish too, for a little more style and kudos. One of our favourite Marshall amps just got a new look but the sound is still everything you expect, with EL34 valves plus the EQ and features that offer the tweakability modern guitarists require.

The critically acclaimed DSL40C shares most of the same great features as the DSL100H: footswitchable classic/ultra gain channels, rear panel pentode/triode switch (40 Watt down to 20 Watt) and a rear panel series FX loop.

Unlike the JCM2000 DSL amps, the DSL40C features footswitchable digital reverb – channel change and reverb on/off footswitch is supplied. The popularity of the DSL40C lies in its feature-packed capability, versatility, its volume-to-size ratio, and its value for money.

The DSL40C is loaded with a single 12” 40 Watt Celestion Seventy 80 speaker.


  • Solid cabinet built using 12mm birch plywood, robust yet lightweight
  • Specially designed Celestion G10F-15 speaker for a unique sound
  • Instantly recognisable Marshall logo, quality guaranteed
  • Compact and easy to transport, perfect for all players
  • Perfect partner for your Class 5 combo or head
  • Beautiful vintage finish looks just as good as it sounds
  • Two ECC83 preamp valves and one EL84 power amp valve for rich, vintage tones
  • Single channel amplifier
  • Incredibly lightweight and portable
  • Three-band EQ section allows you to shape your own sound
  • Beautiful vintage finish will look great with any cabinet
  • Limited edition, available in the UK only


Warranty2 year
Woofer Size12"
Power40 watt
Amp Typevalve / tube amplifier

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Excellent Service
Knowledgeable staff. Go the extra mile to help. Great prices as well
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