Korg Volca Kick Analog Generator

Korg Volca Kick Analog Generator

by Korg
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The latest addition to Korg's modular analogue synth series - The Korg Volca Kick is a powerful kick generator, powered by MS-20 analog Resonant Filter circuitry.

Classic analogue kicks with a 16-step sequencer

Volca Kick completes the family of Korg's pioneering analog synth modules, this time focused on providing serious low end power to your kick track. Tone generation is handled by an original MS-20 filter oscillator, the Rev1, which Analog synth lovers will appreciate. Instead of relying on a standard Sine Wave generator, the MS-20 and Rev1 provides more complex overtones and a full body, so you begin to hear their character once you crank up the resonance.

Dedicated pitch, bend and time controls to fine-tune your sound to perfection. A two-envelope Amp section offers control over Attack and Decay, with dedicated Drive and Tone controls to further shape your sound. Everything you need to produce tight, tailored kicks for any type of track.

16-Step Sequencing

The Volca sequencer dramatically transforms a single tone into a complex, catchy riff you can import into your project or use live. The pattern chain function lets you connect multiple sequence patterns for successive playback, making it possible to construct large-scale developments of 32, 64, or even 256 steps by joining up to 16 sequences.

The Volca Kick motion sequence function records your knob movements, letting you add time-varying change to the sound. This is great way to polish your loops, and also lets you generate highly original live performances. Up to 16 sequence patterns and sounds can be stored in internal memory.

Touch FX

The new Touch FX function further strengthens the performance potential of the volca kick. You can instantly trigger a sequence effect simply by touching a step key, transforming your realtime performance in kaleidoscopic ways. Sequence effects include the roll function that plays a sound repeatedly, the octave function that raises the pitch by one or two octaves, and the sustain function that immediately maximizes the amp decay. These are great ways to create punchy and powerful breaks.

Modular Portability

With its compact size, battery operation, and built-in speaker, it's easy to take the Volca Kick anywhere and perform any time. You can easily Sync Volca units together with the Sync Jack In/Out interface, and a 5-Pin MIDI port offers sound module integration with your DAW and MIDI controllers.


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Excellent Service
Knowledgeable staff. Go the extra mile to help. Great prices as well
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