Korg Monologue Analogue Synth Announced


The new Korg Monologue analogue monophonic synthesizer has just been announced. Taking its cue from the popular Minilogue, the new Monologue is smaller, more affordable - and can work on batteries!

Korg Monologue announced

With seemingly everyone releasing their own take on a classic ‘analogue’ synthesizer these days, it can be hard to find a real gem amongst the masses. But when Korg’s Monologue synth ended up in our inbox this week, we knew we were looking at something special!

A Voice of Its Own

Despite the name, it’s clear from the outset that the Monologue is much more than just a boring, droning, solo-voiced version of its bigger brother, the Korg Minilogue. It’s a powerful monophonic synth with a fully programmable 16-step sequencer, advanced Scale Microtuning and a completely redesigned analogue synth engine, for less than £300!

Under the hood, Korg has injected the Monologue with a new 2-pole voltage-controlled filter alongside an all-analog Drive circuit. Expect plenty of bite from the filter, and plenty of analogue warmth overall. Two VCO, VCF, LFO and EG controls provide everything you’ll need for instant sound creation.


One thing we loved about the Minilogue was the OLED display – providing a real-time Oscilloscope visualisation of your waveform as you play. The OLED display is also a feature of the Monologue, which not only adds to the entertainment and aesthetic value of the synth but also provides the casual keyboard player more understanding of how sound changes with certain parameters. As an educational product for schools and colleges and for kids looking to learn how to make some synthy sounds at home, the Korg Monologue is certainly one to consider.

Out the box, the Monologue features 80 built-in presets and 20 user-editable Spots, designed in conjunction with Richard D James (Aphex Twin), who has helped tailor the preset patches and Micro Tuning functionality, especially for this portable beast. With the promise of a Korg Sound Librarian available for download in the near future, you can manage your program data with ease. Plus, the straightforward USB (and MIDI) connectivity means there's no hassle or drama, and when you’re feeling creative away from a power source, the Monologue has you covered. It comes with 6 x AA batteries in the box for portable music production.

And, like any classic synthesizer of our time, the Monologue wouldn’t be complete without an authentic wood rear panel to cap off and complement the sleek, modern feel! A nice touch that any vintage synth connoisseur will appreciate.

So, let us get this straight: a fully analogue Korg synth engine. 100 Presets. Step Sequencer. VCF, VCO, LFO and USB MIDI. Under £300? What a time to be alive! We can’t wait for this one.

Estimated Release: January 2017

The Korg Monologue will be available in Silver, Black, Gold, Red and Blue finishes.


As one of the UK’s largest authorised Korg Dealers, with hi-tech demo areas at 15 stores nationwide – we’ll be sure to get our grubby hands on these first! Get your pre-order in today or pop into your local PMT Store to book a demo or find out more from our Synth Experts.

Korg Monologue for sale

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