New TC Electronic FX Pedals


TC Electronic has surprised everyone with teaser images for three new fx pedals, which will be announced very soon. But so far, no one know what they'll be... can YOU guess?

New TC Electronic pedal

The pics started to appear 2 days ago on TC Electronic's Instagram account, causing instant interest from those who like the brand. Most users are hoping one of the pedals will be a fuzz, a kind of effect that's still missing in TC's lineup. But, as TC has shown us with recent releases such as the WireTap Riff Recorder, BodyrezMimiq Doubler and Hypergravity Compressor, they don't just make great pedals - but always surprise us each time they do so!

New TC Electronic pedal

So far, most of the speculation surrounding these pedals seem based on their colours: if we go by the colour of current TC Electronic pedals, the green one could be a chorus, the red one reverb, and the brown one distortion.

But the 100mA current draw shown on the DC input suggests none of the pedals will be a distortion, as they only need very small currents. 100mA therefore suggests they'll be digital pedals. But they could as easily be analogue, so who knows!

The lack of stereo inputs and outputs suggests, to us, that these pedals are not meant to be super-versatile... so, why would TC Electronic do this? We think that's because these three new pedals will be analogue! New, "non-versatile" digital pedals from TC (only 3 knobs, no toneprint) don't sound like something the savvy TC guys would do, really.

New TC Electronic pedal

The explanation, then, is that these will be three new analogue pedals - maybe delay, tremolo and some type of fuzz / distortion, never mind what the current draw says! The kind of pedals that just do one thing, but do it really well. Analogue is all the rage now, and TC Electronic is not a brand that's likely to miss out on what's hot! Though TC has built their reputation with a range of superb digital pedals, we're sure guitarists would be excited by an analogue range.

But let's be honest - even if we turn out to be wrong, we're sure they'll be amazing, of course!

What do YOU think? Let us know your ideas - at this point it'll be as good as ours (and no, they're actually not telling us, or any other dealer, what these new pedals are!)



As PMT Online exclusively predicted, the new TC Electronic pedals are analogue - and one of them is a distortion pedal! As usual, we can't deny that TC has surprised everyone, this time as we predicted though - by releasing analogue pedals that are simple, but which sound awesome (well, no surprises THERE of course!). And, by the way - there are THIRTEEN new pedals, not three! The guys at TC Electronic really spoil us...

Rusty Fuzz

Vintage-style silicon-based fuzz... awesome, of course!

Rush Booster

All-analogue booster. Only a volume knob. Simple. Classic.

Thunderstorm Flanger

All-analogue vintage style flanger. As good as it gets!

TailSpin Vibrato

All-analogue, vintage-style vibrato. Great sounds!

Fangs Metal Distortion

A "beyond brutal" metal distortion. Will blow your mind!

The Prophet Digital Delay

One of the few digital models, but still an amazing addition to the range.

Blood Moon Phaser

This is an all-analogue, very old-school 4-stage phaser, like the classic ones made in the Seventies.

Afterglow Chorus

Like the Bad Moon Phaser, the new Afterglow Chorus is an old-fashioned, vintage-style all-analogue modulation effect... which means, it sounds really great!

EchoBrain Analog Delay

This is one of their most exciting new pedals - a vintage style delay with  all-analog bucket brigade circuit. This is one of those pedals many of us were hoping TC would release - and they finally did!

Cinders Overdrive

This one sounds already like one of the best overdrives out there, so well done, TC Electronic! Its all-analog circuit convincingly recreates the warm harmonic distortion associated with hard-pressed tube amps.

Grand Magus Distortion

If overdrive is just not enough for you, then go for distortion! It manages to distill the heavenly rich harmonic content and organic tube sag that defines a great fire-breathing amplifier, with a very tube-like distortion sound. It's one of those types of distortion pedals that, like a RAT, will find a wide audience - from indie to heavy metal, we feel this pedal can cover a lot of different styles, easily!

Forcefield Compressor

The new Forcefield Compressor is an all-analogue compressor pedal, with the familiar sustain and attack controls, plus level. A vintage style compressor pedal - from subtle compression to all-out squash, with true bypass. Perfection...

Skysurfer Reverb

TC Electronic already has some great digital reverbs, so why another one? This question is answered when you hear the new Skysurfer reverb pedal. A simple pedal, providing just three vintage-style reverb sounds: Spring, Room and Hall. No more, no less. All you need. It's digital, but sounds great, of course...

Prices and availability TBA, so keep your eyes peeled...

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