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Enjoy the new October offer from Focusrite! This month, the Focusrite Plug-In Collective gives you a FREE Sound Radix SurferEQ 2 Boogie plug-in.

Focusrite Offer

Focusrite’s Plug-In Collective brings monthly plug-in deals to all registered and new customers of any Focusrite product. This is a great opportunity for Focusrite users to form a pretty great plug-in library!

At Focusrite, they believe in freedom – the freedom to choose the plug-ins that get musicians, producers and engineers their own signature sounds, exactly the way they want it. To help in the quest, Focusrite is working with some of the most innovative and prestigious plug-in companies around to provide exclusive offers, tutorial content and more...This is the Focusrite Plug-In Collective!

About SurferEQ 2 Boogie


SurferEQ 2 Boogie features 3 bands, two of which can be switched to Shelf mode, while the centre band can be switched between Surfing and static mode.

Surfing mode tracks the pitch of a monophonic instrument or a vocal source and can adapt its bands' frequencies relative to the music in real-time, maintaining the natural harmonic balance of the sound source and making it possible to shape the source's timbre relative to the notes being played.

Developed exclusively for Focusrite customers, FREE throughout October.

All customers need to do is log into their Focusrite account where they will find a link to their free plug in... it really is that simple!

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