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If you want to buy a new Gibson guitar in the Newcastle & Gateshead area, then we're here to help! Our PMT Newcastle store is now an Authorized Gibson Dealer - which means a wider choice of Gibson models, special offers and more!

PMT Newcastle Now Gibson Dealer

Whether you're looking for a new Les Paul guitar, a vintage-style ES-335 or the latest Flying V, PMT Newcastle now offers the best selection of Gibson guitars (and Epiphone) in the Newcastle & Gateshead region.

But that's not all, of course! Customers can enjoy the unique experience that's shopping at a PMT store, which makes shopping for your new Gibson guitar at PMT Newcastle somewhat different than at other guitar shops. If you've visited us before, you know what we mean... and if you haven't - well, what are you waiting for!?

Best Gibson Guitar Deals at PMT Newcastle

Of course, we were already an authorized Gibson guitar dealer, but one of our newest stores, PMT Newcastle, wasn't yet officially listed as one. In practical terms, it means that now we can store even more Gibson guitars in Newcastle. In other words - our already amazing Newcastle store is now even better! If you needed more reasons to visit (again) PMT Newcastle, this is it - check these pics, just for a little taste of what's waiting for you:

Gibson Les Paul Gold Top This gorgeous Gibson guitar is waiting for you...


gibson-newcastle3 The selection of Gibson Les Paul guitars is always one of the highlights at any PMT store, and it's no different at PMT Newcastle!


gibson-newcastle5 We offer a great selection of Gibson and Epiphone semi-acoustic guitars at PMT Newcastle


gibson-newcastle91 Stuning 2014 Gibson Les Paul Supreme in Rootbeer finish. Only at PMT Newcastle...


gibson-newcastle9 Another rare 2014 model only at PMT Newcastle: ES-335 in Figured Gloss Flamed Maple Top, Cherry. PS: it has a black pickguard (but comes with a white protective sheet you can peel)


gibson-newcastle8 The rare, limited-edition Epiphone Brent Hinds Flying V in Silverburst. In stock at PMT Newcastle - but not for long, we're sure!


gibson-newcastle7 Wow! Fancy a Gibson SG? We got 'em at PMT Newcastle!


gibson-newcastle6 Check this stunning Gibson Gold Top.


gibson-newcastle4 A closer look at that Brent Hinds Flying V... yeah, it's a beauty, isn't it?


gibson-newcastle1 Gibson. Newcastle. Need say more? Come and visit us!

Gibson and Epiphone authorized dealer

Why Buy From A Gibson Authorized Dealer?

Buying from an authorized  dealer is a must if you're spending money buying a valuable Gibson guitar - after all, some people (usually in Asia) still make fake Gibsons, and non-authorized dealers may, occasionally (and unwittingly)  get one of those. If you look for second-hand models (specially vintage) on sites such as eBay then the risk of getting yourself a fake is even greater.

But if you buy from an authorized dealer such as PMT, on the other hands, don't need to worry about such things, because we get the stock directly from Gibson.

Gibson Guitars for sale

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