Line 6 Spider V Guitar Amps Announced


Succeeding the extremely popular Line 6 Spider IV range is not an easy task - but the new Line 6 Spider V guitar amps offer new look, better features and have all it takes to become another success story.

Line 6 Spider V Amps

The previous range of Line 6 modeling amps, the Spider IV (still available), proved a huge success, and it quickly became the Number One choice in terms of modeling/practice amps in the world. These amps empowered a generation of guitarists to break through,  giving you the tone, flexibility and power you need to take your music to a higher level. Though modeling and practice amps are usually aimed at beginners playing at home, quite a few more experienced players discovered the joys of using the Spider IV range - and the new Spider V amps take things further, adding better sound, more versatility and features perfect for performing live - including extra power!

What's New In The Line 6 Spider V Amps?

Line 6 Spider V family The new Line 6 Spider V amps

The first noticeable difference about the new Line 6 Spider V amps is that they have a new design, and look quite different than the previous Spider IV amps. The other main difference is that the amps have different wattages than Spider IV: while the old amps were rated 15-, 30-, 75- and 150-watts, now the Spider V amps are rated 30-, 60-, 120- and a whopping 240-watts!

What does it mean? Firstly, the modern guitarist wants more versatility and value for money - which means that many players prefer to buy one amp that does it all, ie. can be used for home practice, recording and gigging. So this seems to be the reason why Line 6 is not releasing a 15-watt Spider V, which would be too quiet for gigging.

The fact Spider V amps now have a more elegant design and come in a 240-watts version shows that these amps were also intended to appeal to more experienced players who play live. Spider V is perfect for guitarists who want an amp that delivers great tone but, also, a wealth of different sounds on the go - perfect for cover bands, for instance, who want to dial classic guitar sounds very easily.

The amps (except for the V30 model) are also wireless-ready, for use with Relay transmitter (optional, not included.)

The best Line 6 Spider amps so far? Spider V vs. Spider IV

Featuring a huge collection of upgraded amp and effects models, a clean and modern design, and a specialized full-range speaker system, Spider V is the best sounding and easiest to use Spider ever. Choose from over 200 newly refined amps, cabs and effects. Quickly dial-in the perfect tone using simple color-coded controls. The bi-amped full-range speaker system delivers incredible depth and clarity for both electric and acoustic guitars.

Plus, Spider V is packed with over 100 specially designed presets—including iconic rigs, artist-built tones and Line 6 originals—giving you instant access to an arsenal of professionally dialed-in sounds. More than just a great amplifier, it’s the Spider you’ve been waiting for.

Watch: Line 6 Spider V video

The Line 6 Spider V main features

Here's a quick look at what the new amps have to offer:

  • Updated Modeling and Effects
  • Tons of amp and FX models accessed via fast and easy controls
  • Full-range speakers sound great with electrics, acoustics, music
  • Wireless-ready for select Line 6 Relay transmitters (except V30)
  • 128 crafted presets include iconic rigs & classic artist tones
  • Built-in tuner, metronome and real drummer loops

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