Blackstar ID: Core Stereo 150


Our friends from Blackstar will be visiting our PMT Leeds store this Saturday, 10th September, for a demo session featuring the awesome new Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 150 guitar amp - a modeling amp that's great for playing live!

Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 150 amp in stock

Modeling amps are great, and unbeatable when it comes to versatility - especially when you're a beginner jamming at home, or using one for recording. Though while it's true some models can be used for gigging (check our blog about the Best Affordable Gigging Amps) very few offer the power and tone you can only get from a 2x12" amp that's 100-watts loud (or more!). You know - amps that, for lack of a better term, truly kick some butt live!

For this reason alone, the new Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 150 should already grab your attention! It's a beautiful guitar amp that comes packed with a pair of 12" speakers and delivers a mighty 150 watts - no other digital modeling amp is louder, right now. So this amp is perfect for rockers who want a great-sounding yet affordable alternative to valve amps for playing live, with the added versatility of built-in digital effects. No compromises here, folks - this is simply a great amp!

Blackstar ID:Core 150 Blackstar ID:Core 150

Of course, because it's a digital amp there are some great extras no valve combo could offer you, such as USB connection for recording straight to your DAW, looper and a selection of different voices, from clean to crunchy distortion - besides being much lighter than similar-size tube amps!

Watch the Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 150 Demo:

Blackstar In-Store at PMT Leeds Saturday, 10th September!

If, like us, you're excited about this new amp, you can check it out at our Blackstar in-store at PMT Leeds, this Saturday, 10th September! Our friends from Blackstar will be present to demo the amp and answer any questions our customers may have. And, of course, you can try it our for yourself!

It's fair to say: modeling amps never sounded this good... nor this LOUD!

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