Roland and Serato Announce Collaboration: AIRA DJ Coming?


Roland and Serato have announced their first ever partnership, a prospect that's very exciting. But, so far, they're keeping total secrecy... we'll need to wait until #909day!

Roland and Serato new collaboration

What could be in store? What could possibly happen when one of the most forward-thinking manufacturers of musical instruments join forces with the leading DJ software brand?

Roland AIRA DJ Decks?

Our bet - and forgive us if we turn out to be wrong - is that the next AIRA products will be some sort of DJ gear. Why? Roland has no tradition in creating dedicated DJ equipment, and that's a tough market to crack. It would make sense for Roland to do some sort of AIRA DJ series, after all, AIRA is their most innovative and eye-catching range right now, two perfect qualities to attract the DJs out there. AIRA DJ mixer and Decks would be an obvious choice to start with.

Also, the choice of colours on the Serato website, used on their "Two Players - One Sound" slogan, is the same green of the AIRA series...

Roland & Serato collaboration

Curioulsy enough, we've found the DJworx website which pretty much reached the same conclusion as we did! Something must be in the air... imagine if Roland releases something a bit like this:

serairato-lovechild-1 This is not real (yet!): mockup from DJworx blog

Thankfully, we don't need to wait too long, as Roland will be announcing several new products on #909day, which celebrates the iconic TR-909 Drum Machine.

What Serato Said:

Serato and Roland are joining forces to create something truly unique and that will redefine what it means to be a DJ. Drawing on the combined experience of both companies, this shared vision will be realised in a special announcement on "909 Day" (September 9th).

Young Ly, Serato CEO says: "Roland is an exciting new partner for Serato. It's inspiring to be working closely with a company with such rich heritage and expertise in the musical performance and production world, and responsible for so much of the music that DJs play night after night. Both companies are closely aligned in our vision for the future of DJing and performance, and we're excited to reveal this to the world."

As part of the 909 Day worldwide celebration, Serato HQ will be hosting a streaming event live from Auckland, New Zealand, where a special announcement will be made. You don't want to miss this!

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