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We are pleased to announce that we now sell the new range of Marantz microphones & other Marantz Professional products. Great quality gear - at very affordable prices!

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Marantz have been a well-known and respected name for many decades now, making some of the best audiophile gear available in the Hi-Fi market. What you may not know is that the brand also make some superb recording studio gear, which is very, very well-priced. Maybe it's time you tried some Marantz Professional gear, a fantastic choice for any home studio, podcasters or anyone looking for good-quality equipment  for live audio & recording, without breaking the bank.

Marantz Condenser Microphones: Budget Choice with Pro Sound

Perhaps the most impressive of the new products are the condenser microphones - which are unbelievably cheap, but still able to deliver great audio. The MPM-1000 Large Diaphragm Condenser is in stock now at PMT Online and at our PMT Stores, and costs only £39.99*.  It's fair to say this mic is quite remarkable for the money - it won't disappoint those setting up their first project studio, and is perfect for recording vocals and acoustic instruments on a budget. There's also an USB version available - perfect for those recording on a laptop.

The Marantz MPM-3000 The new Marantz MPM-3000, their best condenser mic.

The other mics in the range are slightly more expensive, but offering increasingly better specs, according to their prices. A couple of them are great podcasting microphones, such as the Marantz Retrocast USB Microphone, which features a pretty cool "Elvis mic"-style design and comes with a mini tripod stand, perfect for placing the mic on your desktop.

As for as condenser microphones go, however, the best offering is the MPM-3000. This new model for 2016 is a gorgeous vintage-style, large diaphragm mic which comes in carry case with accessories. Despite being the top-of-the-range Marantz model, it's still quite affordable when compared to other brands, and you're unlikely to find anything as good for the same price - it's a real bargain, in now in stock at our PMT Stores!

Marantz Studio Monitors & Accessories

Considering Marantz's long tradition in audiophile gear, it's no surprise that their new range of studio monitors is equally excellent. Just like their microphones, these monitors are also very affordable, and an ideal choice for anyone setting up a project studio on a budget!

Marantz studio monitors Marantz studio monitors... very nice!

Of course, these are not meant for professional recording studios. But as cheap monitors for home studios and multimedia playback or gaming they're simply superb value, and certainly look the part! Other Marantz studio gear now selling online include Reflection Filters, CD / MP3 Player, Line Mixer and even a Dual Cassette Player.

Marantz Live Mixing Desks

Finally, before we end our blog, we can't forget to mention the two new Marantz Live Mixers. Available in 8- or 12-channel versions, both are affordable mixers to use in the studio or, as the name suggests, live. They pack quite a few features for the money, such as USB audio input with level control and dozens of high-quality effects. Whether using one of those mixers as part of your PA set-up, or to plug your synthesizers live and or the studio, the Marantz Live Mixers are very good choices.

Marantz Sound Live 8 Mixer Marantz Sound Live 8 Mixer

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*All prices correct as of August 2016

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