Pioneer Announces New PLX-500 Turntable


With the new Pioneer PLX-500 turntable, leading DJ brand Pioneer aims to target those who've been recently bitten by the "vinyl bug", offering a cheaper, high-quality alternative to the popular PLX-1000.

New Pioneer PLX500 Turntable

As you might be aware by now, vinyl records have been enjoying a revival in the past few years, with sales rising year-by-year, and events such as Record Store Day attracting media attention across the nation.

But despite this renewed popularity, the market for vinyl records is still relatively small - and, by default, the market for turntables! This means one thing: that there aren't that many really great vinyl turntables at an affordable price! Most turntables will be either cheap and mediocre, or very expensive. The new Pioneer PLX-500 perfectly fills an important gap in the market, and is suitable not only for the audiophiles at home, but for DJs who want to move on to vinyl turntables without busting the bank.

Available in classic black or in white finish, the Pioneer PLX-500 is a more affordable version of the popular PLX-1000, but at less than half the price! At a glance, it might even be hard to distinguish the two:

PLX 500 vs. PLX-1000 PLX 500 (left) and PLX-1000

What's the Difference Between Pioneer PLX-500 vs. PLX-1000?

The design of the new Pioneer PLX-500 was inspired by the PLX-1000, and they look remarkably similar, but there are no doubts about the fact the former was (also) designed for home audiophile use, whereas the PLX-1000 was made for pros.

Two of the most telling differences is the fact that the PLX-500 plays 78RPM records, and has also an USB connection. It's perfect for those who want to dust-off their old (and sometimes very old!) records and transfer them to their computer.

Neither of those features appear on the PLX-1000, because this model is made for professional users, and it's unlikely many pros will play 78RPM records from the golden era of jazz at one of their gigs! Though, maybe, that would be cool...

Other differences include:

  • PLX-1000 has a sub weight, PLX-500 only has balance and shell.
  • PLX-500 comes with extra audio conversion cord (1 stereo female pin plug, 1 stereo male mini plug)
  • The PLX-1000 is more ruggedly built, and weights almost 3kg heavier than the PLX-500
  • The PLX-1000 features a "quartz lock" turntable, which is considered by some the best way of keeping on speed... kind of a deluxe feature perfect for professional DJs.
  • The Rotation Adjustment Range of the PLX-500 is ±8 %, whereas the PLX-1000 has selectable ±8, ±16 or ±50 % ranges.
  • Wow and Flutter for PLX-1000 is  < 0.01 % (same as the legendary Technics SL-1200) and for the PLX-500 < 0.15% WRMS

The PLX-1000 also has better signal-to-noise ratio (70db vs. PLX-500's 50db), better start torque and start time, and better cartridge. In other words - the PLX-1000  is superior to the PLX-500 in all aspects that matter to professional DJ's, but for the price the PLX-500 is simply great, and perfect not just for audiophiles at home, but for DJs on a budget, too! There's no doubt that the PLX-500 is good enough for live sets, despite its shortcomings when compared to more high-end DJ turntables.

Watch the PLX-500 video:

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