PMT's Top 10 Guitar World Records


Forget the Rio Olympics - here's the real competition if you're a guitarist in look of a challenge. Can you break any of these Guitar World Records?

Guitar World Records

Every four years, the best and fittest athletes gather to compete in the biggest sporting event in the world - the Olympics! Of course, many of us musicians and producers don't care that much about it. After all, the life of a musician can already feel like an Olympic challenge: our weight-lifting is carrying amps in and out of venues; our swimming pools are venues filled with beer-soaked floors and sweaty bodies; and our biggest task is not to run fast for 30 seconds, but to make 30 minutes run fast and without breaking a single string: with no medals at the end, mind - but hopefully in front of an ecstatic audience nevertheless!

Move on over, Usain Bolt... here's our Top 10 Guitar World Records!

1) Most Air Guitar Windmills In One Minute (USA)
165 air guitar windmills in one minute.

2) Longest Time Playing Guitar While Riding On A Unicycle (USA)
Paul N. played his guitar for seven minutes, 33.74 seconds while riding a unicycle.

3) Fastest Time For 3 People To Smash 30 Clocks With Guitars (USA)
Paramore set an official World Record by smashing 30 clocks with their guitars in 31.33 seconds.

4) Fastest Time To Play Every Note On A Guitar (Mexico)
Diego P. played every note on a guitar in 12.95 seconds.

5) Longest Time Picking A Guitar While Balancing It On Chin (Canada)
Doug McManaman picked a guitar for one minute, 34.25 seconds while balancing it on his chin.

6) Longest Time Playing Guitar While Jumping On A Pogo Stick (South Africa)
Brendan B. played his guitar for one minute, 54.69 seconds while jumping on a pogo stick.

7) Fastest Bass Guitar Player (India)
Jayen Varma played his bass guitar at 660 BPM.

8) Fastest Time To Play Every Note On A Bass Guitar (Canada)
Dominic L. played all 84 notes on his four string, 20-fret bass guitar in 9.97 seconds.

9) Longest Time Playing Guitar While Doing A Headstand (USA)
Tai Star played guitar while doing a headstand for one minute, 34.44 seconds.

10) Most Led Zeppelin Guitar Riffs Played In One Minute (USA)
Jon Shriver played 14 Led Zeppelin guitar riffs in one minute.

It seems the Americans are still the Olympic champions of the world! Though, on account of some records, it's not necessarily something to be proud of!

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