Epiphone Masterbilt Century Acoustic / Electric Guitars


The new Epiphone Masterbilt Century range of acoustic / electric guitars features vintage designs with modern improvements for today's players.

Epiphone Masterbilt Century guitars

The Epiphone Masterbilt Century series look striking straight away - these guitars ooze pure vintage vibe, like they've landed directly from the 1930s. This is a very smart move from Epiphone, because no other major brand is doing a similar range right now, so if you're a bit tired of the usual Jumbo, Dreadnought or Parlour-style acoustics, the new Epiphones will definitely stand out!

Epiphone Masterbilt Century Range The new Epiphone Masterbilt Century Range

There are three different Masterbilt Century models:

  • The De Luxe and De Luxe Classic have the iconic large body archtop design with either a round sound hole or "classic" f-holes. Both produce a strong, full tone capable of cutting through any size band.
  • The Zenith and Zenith Classic are medium body archtops with terrific mid-range punch that's perfect for singers. The Zenith is also available in either a round hole or f-hole style.
  • The Olympic is a small body f-style archtop with tremendous definition for singer/songwriters and soloists.

These guitars look very vintage and classic, but they are also cutting-edge: this is the first first collection of archtop "acoustic/electric" guitars designed to be played and amplified as true acoustic instruments. In other words - whereas other electro-acoustic guitars sound completely different when they are plugged, these Masterbilt Century models sound very natural, thanks to their custom-designed pickups and preamp.

Watch: Artists' First Impressions at SXSW 2016

Earlier this year, Epiphone took their new Masterbilt Century models to the prestigious South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, where some of the hippest new artists play each year. It was a great way to gauge what a new generation of guitarists would think about these vintage-style models. The reactions couldn't have been better!

The new Masterbilt Century guitars feature Solid Spruce tops that will sound better the more you play them. Plus 1930s-era replica tuners upgraded to 18:1 ratio, and Ebony or Rosewood fretboards.

The History

1930s Epiphone players Epiphone guitars were already popular back in the 1930s...

Epiphone’s first Masterbilt archtops quickly rose to popularity during the 1930s “Big Band” era and were renowned for their warm woody tone, wide tonal range and punchy volume. However, with the invention of the electric guitar pickup, archtop acoustic guitars quickly became equipped with magnetic amplification and were for the most part, forever transformed into “electric” guitars.

Until now…

The eSonic HD preamp and Shadow NanoFlex HD Under-saddle pickup, featured on the new 2016 models, allow you to plug any Masterbilt Century archtop acoustic/electric into an amp or any PA and hear your guitar’s beautiful and dynamic true acoustic tone, on any stage.  The NanoFlex are low-impedance acoustic pickups designed specifically to reproduce the unique acoustic tones of the Masterbilt Century Collection.

For flattop guitarists who have only played old plywood archtops, the sound of a Masterbilt Century guitars will be a revelation. And for guitarists never tried one before, they'll be stunned by these new models beauty, feel and, above all, tone!

Watch: The Wild Feathers Try the Masterbilt Century guitars at SXSW 2016

Epiphone Masterbilt Century

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