Ashdown Retroglide Lightweight 800w Bass Head


The new Ashdown Retroglide 800 is an amazing 800-watts bass head amp that weights only 3kg, making it perfect for the gigging pros who want to travel light.

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In recent years, there's been a trend for powerful but lightweight bass amp heads. One of the newest additions to the club is the Ashdown Retroglide 800 - and it's safe to say this is the bass amp head many bassists were waiting for - a truly compact & lightweight amp that offers not only plenty of power (800 watts RMS!) but also more tonal flexibility than any other bass head right now, thanks to its 12-band EQ.

Ashdown has worked with a number of FUNK Masters over the past 30 + years of making bass amps, the desire to create an amplifier which meets the requirements for absolute fidelity, clarity, precision tone shaping and masses of power for stunning dynamics continues to this day.

The new Ashdown retroglide 800 The new Ashdown Retroglide 800

The result is the Retroglide-800, an 800 Watts RMS light weight (3kg), funk powerhouse with hi & low impedance instrument inputs, 12-band graphic EQ @ 30hz to 15Khz + or – 15dB, post EQ balanced DI output, mute switch with LED indicator, Output protect LED indicator just in case things get to hot under the hood, line input, effects loop and speaker output Nuetrik combi jack/speakon connector.

This bass head is made in England, and besides all the great specs, it looks great too!

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Recorded using the ABM-410H-EVO-IV cab with the Horn on HIGH, made from premium ply for a light weight construction and improved dynamics. Close mic'd off axis. Using an Audio Technica 4040 cardioid condenser, with a blend of the on board Di.

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