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The Ashdown B-Social is one of the most innovative bass amps ever made, and it's been receiving some very great reviews.

Ashdown B-Social

There has never been a bass amp quite like the Ashdown B-Social, which has innovative features and design. Straight out of the box, B-Social delivers signature Ashdown bass tone via a powerful 75W stereo amplifier and two custom dual concentric 5” drivers, specifically designed to deliver punchy low-end in the most compact enclosure.

Unlocking further tonal possibilities, the App-Tek socket allows players to access the ever-growing range of amp sim and effects apps available on Smartphones and devices, including Ashdown’s very own ABM Pre App.

On this month's Acoustic Magazine review, this little beast was rightfully praised for its innovations:

"Ashdown Engineering has come up with a compact, stereo, multi-function amplifier that has pushed the barriers for bass, electric and acoustic players in the same way that Apple did with their iPhone...  Once you’ve had opportunity to explore all that it can do, you might just wonder how you managed before." - Robbie Gladwell, July issue of Acoustic Magazine

Ashdown B-Social Ashdown B-Social, in black finish

Why B-Social is Different Than Other Practice Amps

Most other portable, practice bass amps are just smaller versions of their bigger siblings - nothing wrong with that, of course, but with the B-Social Ashdown decided to take a different approach, which makes this amp stand apart from the rest: they looked at how the bassist could be using the amp at home, and designed it with this in mind, packing the B-Social with new features that make it the most versatile compact bass amp around.

Wireless Audio Connectivity

B-Social Transmitter B-Social Transmitter

The wireless connectivity allows the bassist to roam at home, and the B-Social includes a transmitter lets the bass connect wirelessly to the amp for cable free jamming. Wireless audio connectivity also enables audio streaming from any compatible music player.

Adding a new social dimension to the amp, the B-Social includes a second input so the bassist can play along with another bass player or guitarist - electric or acoustic.

“It’s a simple feature - and obvious - but so often over looked by amp companies,” says Mark Gooday of Ashdown. “Being able to plug into a single amp with a friend or band mate makes B-Social a great tool for collaborative writing and recording.”

Watch the Doug Wimbish B-Social Wireless demo:

Recording via USB

Recording itself is made simple via the built-in USB audio interface, compatible with all major DAWs on both PC and Mac platforms. The unit features a speaker mute switch for headphone monitoring.


Rounding out the feature set is a Line In, Line Out and a Headphone Out for silent practice.

Great for Acoustic Guitar

And as if all those great features were not enough, it's good to remember that the B-Social works really great with acoustic guitars, too! Check out this Ashdown demo:

B-Social is available in three stunning high gloss wood finishes - Natural, Black and White.

Ashdown B-Social

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