Korg minilogue Librarian & Program Pack


Check out the new Korg minilogue Librarian & Program Pack, which will help you to reorder and organize the programs inside your synth!

Minilogue librarian

We all love the Korg minilogue, right? Right! And now you got yet another reason to enjoy your synth even more - with two new FREE downloads!

Sound Librarian

The minilogue Sound Librarian lets you easily reorder and organize the programs inside your minilogue and backup to your computer. In addition, you can also load factory and bonus libraries available from KORG or even share programs with other minilogue owners!

Sounds Pack vol. 1

Sound Packs vol.1 : "UK Producer Set"

A boutique collection of "must have programs" for all minilogue owners. Featuring fat analog bass synths, warm pads, vintage emulations, FX and biting leads sounds.  Created by 2 of the UK's leading synth programmers Dan Goldman (aka JD73) and Tim Mantle of Psalm 37 Patches.

The 75 programs have been expertly crafted to fit perfectly with a broad range of music genres across the last 4 decades.  In addition, each program includes a step sequence providing instant inspiration for your music productions.

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