VOTE PIES - Liverpool's Greatest Band Never To Be Heard


As a nation we are currently teetering on the edge of what could be a make or break fulcrum in the political climate for a generation.

Vote Pies

Are we in or out? Vote for or against the great Brexit? This question will be echoing through the corridors of Europe for the unforeseeable future, as the fallout of the voting outcome is announced. There is one option that we have not been told about and that all politicians want to keep quiet - and that is to VOTE PIES!

For those who are in the shadows and know nothing of the mysterious Pies, they are a legendary band with mystical stories, which a well-versed raconteur such as PMT would only be too willing to tell you.


The story of The Pies stretches back over a quarter of a century. Graffiti splashed up and about all over the city of Liverpool, however despite the hype, the band was still yet to play a gig.

The most notable of these public markings is over a certain bridge on the M57 as you enter Liverpool.

Initially proclaiming “The Pies” and then “Vote Pies”.

As the years passed by, The Pies notoriety started to precede them. Still not yet having played a gig or releasing anything, they filled people with false hope, false promises. It all shouts out a political party.

Some believed them to be an alter ego for Lee Mavers of The La’s fame. Gomez (remember them?) have a song about the M57 (“The Pies, The Pies”) and even Alexei Sayle, the great scouse political nihilist comedian, wrote about them in his book. For something that is fictional, there is more evidence for The Pies than there is of King Arthur and his round table, The Loch Ness Monster (I’ll take that back because my mate’s neighbour’s aunty’s cousin has seen Nessy). This is why we should believe in a better future.

Passing up on major label deals, publishing contracts, when in the clamour for the “next Oasis” in hype of the late 90’s reared its ugly head through the big indie guitar band comeback of the mid to late 00’s. How we all heard (well those of us in Liverpool), of how The Pies were sticking to their roots and not selling out; but they actually, didn’t have any songs to make an album with - but this is why we love them.

Without fail, every year, The Pies sign on that notorious bridge gets a fresh layer of industrial white paint to welcome home all those who have been away. To welcome all those who are to make this city their home. To welcome all those who are just visiting.


It is reassuring to see the sign you can depend upon, even if you can’t depend upon the band - but that is more that can be said about the options we are given over the big question of whether to stay in or vote out of the European Union.

Dependability is something we shouldn’t take for granted, and one thing we do know is that there will be a Pies album. Whether it will be in our generation or not, or if a younger generation decide to take on the heavy burden of the name ‘The Pies’; which plenty of bands have done in the past and changed beyond all recognition(Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane and Bucks Fizz to name a few).

We can depend upon The Pies. Just as I depend upon the sign on the bridge letting me know that I am not too far from home, giving me that warm feeling like taking your slippers off and sitting next to the fire after you’ve been out for a walk on a winters day.

Every now and again someone always proclaims that they have heard a track by them, or seen a rehearsal, or even old, grainy video footage, but this is never true.

This is why we all should be going to the electoral roll and telling everyone to VOTE PIES.

“The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it’s not open.” - Frank Zappa.

Listen to... Best Of Pies

Update! Just a few days after we first published this blog, The Pies have finally released their long-awaited album. Here's your chance to finally listen to Liverpool's most obscure sons (until now!)

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