PMT's Must-See Bands at Glastonbury 2016


Don't care about big names such as Adele, Coldplay or Jake Bugg? No worries - here's the PMT guide to some of the best acts & must-see bands at Glastonbury 2016, plus a look at their gear!

Must-see glastonbury 2016 bands

Some things seem inevitable at any UK music festival, specially at the biggest of them all, Glastonbury, which takes place this week: big headliners who've played at the same festival a few times before; casual music fans who think attending a festival is just a fashionable thing; and rain. Lots of rain. Thankfully, Glasto is also a mighty feast for the true music fans, and there are some great acts performing over the weekend.

Here's our Top 5 picks to see at Glasto, plus a look at their gear:

The Must-See Band at Glastonbury 2016: Tame Impala (Sat 8pm, Pyramid Stage)

The Aussie pysch heroes have been on the rise since the release of their second album in 2012, 'Lonerism'. Follow up album 'Currents' was released in 2014 and confirmed their status as one of the world's hottest bands. Glasto 2016 should be their crowning moment in the UK. Miss their set at your own peril - you'll be missing history in the making! And their psychedelic vibes are so much "more Glasto" than Adele, too...

Tame Impala gear: Tame Impala's main man Kevin Parker uses a Rickenbacker guitar, Vox AC30, Fuzz Face, Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phaser, Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb, Boss Blues Driver, Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer

The Rock'n'Roll Experience You Can't Miss: Savages (Fri 9.30pm, Park Stage)

London-based Savages are one of the most intense rock bands in the UK right now, with powerful live performances. This is a band you can't miss live, and it'll be extra fun to catch the reaction of Adele fans who accidentally find themselves at this gig...

Savages gear: Guitarist Gemma Thimpson creates some cool sounds using a Fender Jaguar, Vox AC30, MXR Distortion +, MXR Blue Box, Boss RE-20 Space Echo and Moog MF Boost.

The Legend To Catch: PJ Harvey (Sun 7.50pm, Other Stage)

Glastonbury is full of "legends", but none will sound as fresh and essential as PJ Harvey. With 11 albums and two Mercury Prize awards behind her back, PJ certainly deserves to be called a legend, and her latest album, 'The Hope Six Demolition Project' proves she's more relevant today than typical Glasto legends such as Madness or Billy Bragg. Recent festival gigs at Field Day in London and Primavera Sound in Spain are proof that she's still on top form.

PJ Harvey gear: PJ is currently playing a Fender Jazzmaster and a black Takamine Electro-Acoustic... besides, for the first time, a saxophone! She's a longtime user of Orange guitar amps. And a mellotron is also being used at the moment.

The Rockers On The Rise: Wolf Alice (Sat 3pm, Pyramid Stage)

Playing early on the Pyramid Stage, Wolf Alice are quickly becoming one of "the" most important rock bands in the UK right now. Their debut album received great reviews and was nominated for the Mercury Prize awards, and the band are also included on the new 'Ghostbusters' film soundtrack. They are certain to appear higher on the bill in the years to come... Catch them on the rise!

Wolf Alice gear: They use a classic indie-rock setup. Gear includes Fender Jaguar, Fender Telecaster, Fender Hot-Rod Deluxe amp, and Vox AC-30. Singer / guitarist Ellie Rowsell uses Boss RV-5 Digital ReverbBoss DD-7 Digital DelayLine 6 DL4, MXR Analog ChorusElectro-Harmonix Big Muff and Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer. Guitarist Joff Oddie uses Dunlop Cry Baby WahWay Huge Overdrive, Colorsound Tonebender Fuzz, Line 6 DL4Strymon BigSky ReverbStrymon TimeLine DelayMXR M134 Stereo ChorusElectro-Harmonix Nano POG and
Electro-Harmonix HOG.

The Newcomer You Should Watch: Gweno (Fri 11am, Park Stage)

What a better way to start Glasto than with Gweno, who surprised everyone with her sci-fi inspired debut album, released last year. Her synth-powered psych pop will be a great way to start your day...

Gweno gear: the Welsh singer creates some interesting synth landscapes performing solo, using a vintage Jen synth, Behringer Vintage Delay, Teenage Engineering OP-1 synth and an iPad.

Still need more? Then Check this Printable guide with our top picks!

PMT Glastonbury 2016 highlights PMT Glastonbury 2016 highlights - click image for larger size, then CONTROL+P if you want to print it!


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