New Yamaha TF Mixer Firmware Update


The new V2.5 firmware update for the Yamaha TF Mixer  range makes life - and live - much easier.

yamaha TF mixer firmware update

The TF mixers are already Yamaha’s most intuitive consoles yet, and some of the best mixing desks available right now: with powerful familiar multi-touch screen control and features designed to make setting up, mixing and recording the show quick and easy, whether you’re a relative newcomer or an experienced professional.

Now comes the V2.5 firmware update, bringing plug & play Dante stage box connectivity, 8 full processing and FX units, new functions for even quicker setup, extra QuickPro Presets, NUENDO Live bundle PLUS the option to create four matrix outputs with up to 1000ms delay for complex decentralized sound reinforcement applications.

Combined with the bulletproof reliability that continues to make Yamaha digital consoles the first choice of leading engineers around world, TF delivers unprecedented flexibility in our most affordable range of compact digital mixers.

Watch the Yamaha TF Mixers video:

New TF V2.5 Features:

  • For more versatile speaker system: Matrix Out Channels with Delay brings more flexible speaker set-up.
  • Plug In & Play Dante Stagebox Solution: With fast, simple connection and setup, you can easily configure a natural, musical sounding Dante stagebox system. No more time consuming
    transport and setup of bulky analog snakes.
  • 8 Powerful Processing/Effect Units: 8 processing/effect units in total now feature the same powerful programs. Get creative with more flexible sound-shaping and system expansion capability.
  • New Functions for  Quicker Setup and Operation: The TF's concept of TouchFlow Operation™ has been updated with new functions to improve workflow and system management. Enjoy the intuitive efficiency of touchscreen operation like never before.
  • More QuickPro Presets: QuickPro Presets™ give you an optimized starting point to work from and save valuable time. New presets have been optimized for a wider range of microphones, musical instruments and output equipment.
  • More Software. More Power: Just like the TF itself, software applications for iPad/iPhone/iPod and Mac/PC devices have also been updated to give you more intuitive operation of your console.
  • Making live easier: Steinberg’s Nuendo Live multi-track live recording software is bundled with TF series digital mixing consoles.

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