NEW! TR-606 Kit Available For Roland TR-8


Users of the Roland Aira TR-8 will get classic TR-606 sounds included in the latest update of the 7X7-TR8 Drum Machine Expansion, from 17th June.

TR-606 kit for TR-8

The Roland AIRA range found acclaim thanks to its revolutionary approach of successfully marrying modern designs and features with classic, vintage sounds. The AIRA concept was simple: instead of keeing re-releasing vintage gear, Roland decided to create a brand new unit that could be loaded with vintage sounds.  The result? The Roland AIRA TR-8 quickly became the go-to drum-machine for the serious music producers worldwide, a worthy heir to the legendary Roland TR-808.

Now, from 17th June, new and current users of the TR-8 will be able to download classic TR-606 sounds, which will be included in the 7x7 for TR-8 Drum-Machine Expansion.

The original TR-606 was a simple, percussion side-kick to the popular TB-303 bass synthesizer. It featured  seven analog drum sounds which were simple, but which also sounded really distinctive: Kick, Snare, 2 toms, open hat, closed hat, cymbal, accent. Famous users included Aphex Twin, Orbital, Moby and Nine Inch Nails.

Here's a demo which gives you a pretty good taste of those vintage, TR-606 sounds:

Here's Roland's point by point description of the current 7X7-TR8 Drum Machine Expansion:

  • Every sound of the TR-707 and TR-727 Rhythm Composers, faithfully reproduced using the original PCM wave data and detailed models of the original circuitry.
  • Analog Circuit Behavior captures the unmistakable sound of the original units – a result of lo-fi sampling and the behavior of the analog envelope and VCA circuitry design.
  • Adds the unique flam and accent behaviors of the TR-909 and TR-707, with adjustable flam intensity and two levels of accent.
  • Four entirely new TR-8 sounds including modified TR-909 kick, TR-909 snare and all new clap and snap sounds.
  • Upgrades the TR-8 to have all the sounds and articulations of four iconic TR drum machines, plus all new sounds, in one performance-ready instrument.

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