Father's Day Gift Ideas For Rock'n'Roll Dads


Does your dad rock? With Father's Day just around the corner, here's the PMT guide to the ultimate gifts for the Rock 'n' Roll dads out there.

Father's Day Gift Guide

Do you have a 'Rock 'n' Roll Dad'? Chances are, many of us do: dads who (don't) remember the Sixties; dads who were (or still are!) punk rockers; dads who rocked in the Eighties and keep quiet about *those* hairdos; or dads who were there during the "Britpop wars" in the Nineties and still have their 1994 Oasis ticket stubs to prove it!

If you want to make sure your dad enjoys a very special Father's Day this 19th June, then we have a few different suggestions that'll help making sure your musician dad has a great day!

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Check our selection of affordable Father'sDay Gift Ideas that any musician dad would love, including  mini amps, cool fx pedals and much more  - check them out here!

Some Father's day gift ideas... Some Father's day gift ideas. for musician dads

Father's day gifts

But if you want to buy your dad something even more special, then read on...

PMT's Top 12 Best Father's Day Gifts

We all like cool, vintage gear, but if you don't want to risk reminding your dad he's "vintage", then here's some great, brand-new and shiny gear your dad is sure to love. These are our top pics for Father's Day 2016:

1) For The Dad Who Has Everything: Gibson Player's Edition Bob Dylan SJ-200 Custom

Gibson Player's Edition Bob Dylan SJ-200 Custom Stunning gift for any dad: Gibson Bob Dylan SJ-200 acoustic

The Gibson Player's Edition Bob Dylan SJ-200 Custom is the most stunning acoustic guitar we're selling right now. If your dad is a guitar collector who loves his Gibsons, then he'll love this new, limited-edition acoustic. A fitting tribute to Bob Dylan, and thanks to our finance scheme, it's never been easier to buy one. Cheaper SJ-200 models by Epiphone are also available, and they're pretty good choices, too! After all, this particular model has been played by other iconic artists besides Dylan, such as Pete Townshend, John Lennon and Noel Gallagher - any doubts your dad would love to join the club?

2) For The Dad Who Wants To Start Playing Again: Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Performance Pack

Epiphone Slash pack This is one amazing guitar pack!

If your dad has sidelined music for the past few years, the Epiphone Slash Les Paul Guitar Pack should prove a great incentive for him to start playing again! It comes with everything he'll need to get playing including a Les Paul guitar, amp, lead and pick. And your dad don't even need to be a massive Guns N' Roses fan: that lemon-drop style guitar finish makes this guitar look a bit like the Les Paul played by Gary Moore and Peter Green in Fleetwood Mac, so if your dad loves blues and classic rock, he'll be more than pleased with this one...

3) For The Dad Who Loves Music On The Go: Marshall Portable Speaker

Marshall Portable Speaker For the dad on the go: Marshall Portable Speaker

If your dad wants to listen to music via iPod, iPhone, iPad or other portable mobile devices, then no option is better or cooler than a Marshall portable speaker. There are quite a few different models available right now, and they're all certainly much better choices for the rock 'n' roll dad than stuff you can find on Hi-Fi stores. Perfect for dads going on holiday or who are looking for a good quality multimedia speaker.

4) For The Dad Who Loves Folk & Bluegrass Music: Eastcoast BJW-Open 5 String Banjo

Eastcoast BJW-Open 5 String Banjo One for the "rootsy" dad: Eastcoast BJW-Open 5 String Banjo

For whatever reason, many dads who love blues, folk & bluegrass music love a good banjo! Maybe after years of playing guitar, getting a banjo is a nice experience, and playing banjo is also very satisfying. This affordable Eastcoast BJW-Open 5 String Banjo is a great choice!

5) For The Dad Who Loves Gadgets: Gibson Pro Audio Memory Cable

Gibson Pro Audio Memory Cable The Gibson Pro Audio Memory Cable is much more than just a guitar lead!

Sure, a guitar lead is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a cool gift for someone. But the Gibson Pro Audio Memory Cable is much more than just a guitar lead! It's also a micro-SD recorder, which allows the guitarist to  record up to 13 hours of audio and features a very neat auto recording mode, which records only when you're playing! Great for saving ideas, recording practising sessions and then transferring the audio to a computer.

6) For The Dad Who Wants To Play Guitar Anywhere: Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Amp

Blackstar Fly 3 Blackstar Fly 3

The Blackstar Fly 3 mini-amp has been a huge success, and is available in several different models including stereo package. The fact that this little, affordable amp is a best-seller shouldn't come as a surprise - it sounds amazing! It's great as a portable speaker to listen to music, but also as a guitar amp you can take anywhere. Perfect for taking on holidays, barbecues and days out in the sun.

7) For The Dad Who Wears His Rock'n'Roll Heart on his Sleeve: Marshall T-Shirt

Marshall T-Shirt Marshall T-Shirt

If your dad loves band t-shirts, then he'll love the design of these very cool Marshall T-Shirts, which come in different sizes, are very well-made, comfortable, and most importantly, totally rock!

8) For The Dad Who Wants To Be Jimmy Page: Gibson Les Paul Standard

Gibson Les Paul Standard Gibson Les Paul Standard: your dad's dream guitar?

An authentic Gibson Les Paul is still a dream to many. If your dad plays guitar and loves Led Zeppelin and other such classic rock bands, chances are he's always dreamed of having a Gibson Les Paul, if he doesn't all ready own one. There are many good copies out there, by brands such as Epiphone, but nothing compares to the feeling of owning an authentic Gibson! Plus, we are currently the cheapest in the UK for Gibson 2016 electric guitars - rock on!

9) For The Dad Who Loves Hendrix and Clapton: Fender Stratocaster Guitar

Fender Stratocaster Fender Stratocaster, the world's most recognizable guitar

If your dad loves Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Deep Purple or Buddy Holly (and the list could go on and on...) then an authentic Fender Stratocaster could be his dream guitar! Just like the Les Pauls, there are some good more affordable versions available (in particular by Fender-owned Squier) but nothing beats having that iconic logo on the headstock, and know you play the same model all those rock legends have played!

10) For The Dad Who Practices On His Own: DigiTech Trio Band Creator

DigiTech Trio Band Creator Give your dad a backingband with the DigiTech Trio Band Creator!

The DigiTech Trio Band Creator pedals are more than just guitar pedals - it's like giving your dad a backing band! If your dad doesn't have mates who play an instrument and practices at home on his own, then the DigiTech Trio will be a fantastic gift. It enables him to play alongside drums and bass backing parts - generated according to what he's playing. These pedals are great fun to use and have been a major best seller at PMT Online and at our PMT Stores.

11) For The Singer-Songwriter Dad: Focusrite Scarlett Studio Package

Focusrite Scarlett Studio Package Focusrite Scarlett Studio Package - perfect to record your dad's songs

If your dad is a singer-songwriter, why not give him this great, portable recording solution - the Focusrite Scarlett Studio Package. This package is ideal to record singer-songwriters who play acoustic guitar. Affordable and easy to use, this studio package is a best-seller.

12) For The Dad Who Wants It All: Line 6 Helix Multi-FX Processor

Line 6 Helix Line 6 Helix: all the best guitar gear ever... in one single unit!

Well, maybe no guitarist really does have it all, but with the new, awesome Line 6 Helix Multi Effects, your dad can come very close! It perfectly emulates the sounds of all the most classic FX pedals, amps, cabs and microphones, with the ability to change all the parameters of the originals.

Watch the demo to see just how good this unite is:

These 12 ideas are not enough? Then check out our Accessories for more ideas, or our selection of Gifts For Dad.

For more great gear and amazing deals, check our special offers.

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  • Richard Oram
    18th June 2016

    Bought a Gibson SG standard 2016 from the Cardiff store recently, great service with no pressure to buy from enthusiastic staff. Awesome guitar by the way!

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