PMT Exclusive: ATV aD5 Electronic Drum Module


Is this the best drum module right now? If it's not, then the ATV aD5 Electronic Drum Module comes pretty close! Find out more about this revolutionary module, an exclusive at PMT Online and PMT Stores.

ATV AD5 drum module

Electronic drums are an essential tool for the modern drummer: while beginners often rely and learn their craft on the more affordable and compact electronic drum kits, the professional drummers  often use hybrid drum-kit setups, ie. their main instrument is still a traditional acoustic drum kit, but they use it alongside drum pads and modules, for more sounds and versatility.

Whatever your skill level, you'll find that the ATV aD5 has a lot to offer. It fully supports trigger pads made by other electronic drum manufacturers. This means you can freely use the type of pad you want, without having to worry about who made it. Another bonus are that you can upgrade your current electronic drum sound module and by utilizing the aD5 as your core, to build up your own original electronic drum set using any combination of pads from different makers.

Why Choose ATV AD5?

The ATV aD5 The ATV aD5 offers a new and more naturalistic electronic drum experience.

If you've never heard of ATV, that's ok - it's still a small and not very well-known company. But, hey, even the biggest brands were small once, and if the aD5 is anything to go by, ATV has a bright future! Drummers who've used the ATV aD5 have been surprised by how good it sounds, providing a more naturalistic experience than modules by bigger brands. The aD5 drum module gives you the most natural response and most realistic drum kit sounds available today, thanks to the "Artware" technology - sounds are reproduced with the latest in sensing technology along with high speed response and “Pure Audio” output quality.

ATV aD5 rear ATV aD5 back panel

Why be like everyone else? The aD5 is perfect for drummers who prefer to have a seriously hi-tech piece of gear, and an unique and original setup. ATV doesn't make drum-kits at the moment, just this module.

Watch the ATV aD5  demo:

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