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This new promo allows you to design the studio YOU want: select Apogee audio interfaces now include access to special offers on your choice of any world-class audio plugins from Waves.

Apogee Waves plugin promo

Apogee and Waves products are the top choice for countless audio professionals and artists worldwide, and have been used on many hit records over the years. Now, Apogee Electronics and Waves have partnered to give you access to special offers on your choice of any world-class audio plugins from Waves.

Customers who purchase Apogee ONE, Duet, Quartet or Ensemble new from PMT Online or from one of our PMT Stores, on or after April 4, 2016 can now register their product and receive a discount code good for 25% off a single plugin, or 35% off any Waves bundle - plus an additional $100 voucher (roughly £69) that can be used towards their next Waves plugin purchase. These offers can even be applied to any special deals from Waves, giving you the ability to save up to thousands of pounds on tools that give you uncompromising sound quality!

Design the Studio You Want

Apogee Duet

This special offer gives you big savings and the flexibility to design a studio around your own needs. Whether you are a musician/producer, post production sound engineer, mix or recording engineer or all of the above, with Apogee and Waves you can get the studio and quality you want and save money.

Waves plugins are highly CPU efficient, allowing you to harness the power of your Mac to run more plugins at lower buffer sizes while maintaining low latency monitoring through Apogee’s audio interfaces. Apogee’s measurably superior mic preamps and transparent AD/DA conversion optimize your studio to achieve the best possible quality from your Waves plugins. With an open native platform and recording software like Logic Pro X, you are free to expand your studio capabilities and use any plugins you’d like.

Visit the Apogee website for T&C and more details. Click here

Apogee audio interfaces

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