Celebrating 40 Years Of Boss FX Pedals


2016 marks the 40th Anniversary of Boss FX Pedals. This is the perfect time to celebrate their history, and to enjoy some limited-time special offers that'll last FOUR days only!

Boss pedals 40th anniversary

Since they were introduced in 1976, Boss pedals have been an integral part of popular music. BOSS has achieved legendary status among guitarists by offering a diverse, world-leading product lineup that includes compact effects processors, multi-effects processors, tuners, and much more. Their innovative pedals have been widely used by guitarists all over the world for the past 40 years - from some of the biggest names in music, to beginners at home.

Thanks to new pedals such as the DD-500 Delay, Boss continues to be a leading brand in guitar effects, so let's celebrate them, and look forward to another successful 40 years!

Celebrate 4 Decades of Boss With 4 Days Of Special Offers!

Boss Anniversary Offers

For only 4 days (27th-30th May) you can purchase some of the best and most popular Boss products, at reduced prices! Choose from a selection of amazing delay pedals, tuners, and multi-effects.

Boss Special Offers

Boss Pedals History: Their Best & Rarest FX Pedals

Vintage boss pedals Two vintage boss pedals: the CE-1 chorus (left) and the DM-1 Delay Machine.

In the crowded, and highly-competitive market of FX pedals, Boss still manages to be one of the most popular and innovative brands, and also synonymous with quality. The often repeated statement that "Boss pedals are built like a tank" is true - and that's why their earliest pedals command high prices on the second-hand market, because they more often than not still work in perfect condition.

These very first models were not as compact as later ones, but they were analogue, and models such as  the CE-1 Chorus, BF-1 Flanger and DM-1 Delay Machine still stand the test of time as some of the best pedals ever made. If you ever have the chance to grab one, don't hesitate! Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys, for instance, still uses a DM-1 delay on his board.

Here's a cool video of two now discontinued Boss Chorus pedals:

Early Boss Chorus effects such as the above became a defining sound in Eighties music, and were used by players such as Robert Smith of The Cure and Johnny Marr in The Smiths. Curiously enough, chorus effects have became popular once again in indie rock, with many new bands using newer Boss Chorus pedals.

Johnny Marr and Boss pedals Johnny Marr was an early user of Boss pedals

Boss really came of age when they introduced their second generation of effects pedals - compact stompboxes just like the ones the brand makes today. The pedals released between 1978-1982 became the standard by which we measure other guitar fx pedals. Some models are still in production (DS-1 Distortion, GE-7 Equalizer, SD-1 Super Overdrive) and those discontinued have become very collectible.

Boss pedals Introduced in 1978, compact Boss pedals are a common sight on pedalboards worldwide

In fact, Boss has brought back some of their rarest pedals, via the new Waza Craft range: the DM-2W Analogue Delay and VB-2W Vibrato are improved reissues of two of their most classic (and hard to find) discontinued pedals. Forty years on, Boss continues strong as ever, and pedals such as the DD-3 Delay, TU-3 Tuner and DS-2 Distortion remain firm favourites used by pros, but which are still very affordable choices for anyone.

Kurt Cobain and his Boss DS-2 Kurt Cobain and his Boss DS-2 which he used live and in teh studio while recording 'In Utero'

Boss FX pedals for sale

Boss History: The Infographic

Here's a pretty cool infographic we've found, showing the history of Boss compact pedal from its beginning until 2013... enjoy!

Boss history - infographic

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