New! Novation Bass Station II Artist Pack


Nothing out there sounds as warm, fat and dirty as the Novation Bass Station II. And now you can download patches created by some top artists - for FREE!

Novation Bass Station artist pack

In the crowded market of synthesizers, the Bass Station II still manages to stand out. It shouldn't come as a surprise, though - after all, it is Novation's pure analogue monosynth, based on the classic Bass Station (used by Radiohead and many others), and then enhanced to make it even bigger, angrier and more versatile.

It has two tuneable oscillators, a sub-oscillator for enormous bass, plus noise and ring modulation. It also gives you two distinct analogue filter types: the classic multi-mode filter and a new acid filter, for a massive variation in sonic possibilities. In other words - pretty much everything you need to create the most amazing analogue synth sounds!

Novation Bass Station II Novation Bass Station II

Now you can download an exclusive Artist Soundpack, for FREE! Novation decided to put a call out to a handful of Bass Station II artists to have them create some patches for a new soundpack.

Here’s the roster of analogue noodlers who got involved: Nite Jewel, Cian from Super Furry Animals, Jeremy from Everything Everything, Jason Miles, Victor Parris Mitchell, Adam Freedland.

In this video, Jeremy Pritchard of Everything Everything talks us through his thoughts on BS2 and the patches he's created for the 'Bass Station II Artist Pack', available free on the Novation website:

Go here to get the Artist Soundpack

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