PMT Guide to Alesis Electronic Drum-Kits


Electronic Drum Kits are more popular than ever: compact, light, versatile and affordable, they are perfect for beginners & pros alike. Alesis drum kits are some of the best available today, so we'll take a look at their newest models.

Alesis Drum Kits

For many years now, Alesis has been one of the leading manufacturers of electronic drum kits. Three new models - two of which already in stock at select PMT Stores - are proof that Alesis are still on top of the game, making great-sounding kits that will please drummers of all skill levels, and which offer superb value-for-money.

Why Buy Alesis Drum Kits?

Alesis Crimson dumkit Stylish? Tick. Affordable? Tick. Great-sounding? Tick! Alesis Drum Kits cover it all...

Electronic drum-kits are usually the best choice for beginners, because they can provide a great sound straight away, without the drummer needing to worry about skins, tuning or matching cymbals. But even seasoned pros also enjoy electronic drum kits. After all, they are much more convenient to keep at home because they are more compact, and they allow the musician to practice at more sensible volumes.

Another great advantage of electronic drum kits is that they offer dozens of different drum-kit sounds in their modules, making them valuable tools in any recording studio, besides offering beginners the chance to experiment with different drum sounds, something an acoustic kit could never do.

So whether you're a beginner, recording pro, session musician or drum teacher, you'll find that an Alesis drumset offers you the perfect mix of quality, realism and affordability that you need.

Alesis Forge Drum-Kit

The most affordable of the new models, the Alesis Forge Drum Kit allows you to start with the right tools for practice and performance, at under £500! Whether you're a beginner or fancy an electronic kit Forge doesn't scrimp on features. There's everything you need to play in a full range of styles, plus the Forge Drum Module to find sounds that suit. No hidden extras, just an eight kit with 600 sounds but you might want a comfy drum stool for all the playing you'll do.

REASONS TO BUY: This is the most affordable kit, great for beginners or for anyone on a budget. More versatile than acoustic drum kits at the same price range.

Alesis Command Drum-Kit

The new Alesis Command 8-piece electronic drumkit, gives you an authentic drumming experience, and also allows you to load your own .wav samples via USB stick. Other great features include USB/MIDI out and more! This versatile drumkit is compact, light and gig-worthy, and great weather you're a beginner or looking for a kit to use on recordings.

One of the great thinsg about the new Alesis Command kit is its drum module: the Command Advanced Drum Module comes with 70 kits (50 factory + 20 user) and 600 sounds... a whole lot of sounds to play with! Perfect for practicing, gigging or recording. It comes with everything you need to get started including drum sticks - you just need to add your own drum throne, and off you go!

REASONS TO BUY: All told, this is perhaps the best value-for-features choice. Whether playing at home, gigging or recording, this kit covers all bases, at a great price.

Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit

What about getting great sound, great features PLUS a really, really stunning visual? Then get the new Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit! This Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit is perfect for the drummers who want to stand out. It includes exclusive Alesis mesh drum heads (Patent Pending) that deliver the perfect feel for ultimate expression. This drum kit is ideal for the beginner to intermediate level drummers, providing them with a convenient, space saving alternative to hone their skills!

Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit... the newest addition to the family!

But even the more experienced, accomplish drummers will also find much to love about this great-sounding new drum kit. The Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit is also perfect for those in-need of a secondary kit for practice at home or in the studio; combining a premium build with dynamic, comfortable mesh pads, comprehensive MIDI connectivity options and seamless USB integration.

REASONS TO BUY: This is a more professional drumkit, also looks great on stage! Ideal if you want larger snares and cymbals, plus a floor tom, allowing for a more natural and realistic setup and playing experience. And thanks to its stunning crimson finish, this kit really stands out in live performances.

Win an Alesis Forge Drum Kit

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