Get £250 Worth of Free Drum Lessons


Buy selected Tama or Zildjian drum products, and get a FREE drum lessons worth £250!

Get FREE drum lessons

In association with the Academy of Contemporary Music, Zildjian Cymbals and Tama Drums, Headstock Distribution have developed a series of ten instructional drum lessons to giveaway for FREE with all beginner level drum kits and cymbal sets bought at PMT Online or at one of our PMT Stores.

Featuring Joe Yoshida, one of ACM’s top tutors and a Tama Drums endorser, the lessons give a basic introduction to drumming. They draw attention to the fundamentals of drumming including posture, how to hold your sticks, how to set up you kit and of course the basic rudiments, the basis for playing the drums. They progress at a rate that keeps the student engaged, with a feeling of success at seeing results lesson on lesson.

Headstock are giving these lessons away with every single Tama Rhythm Mate kit or Zildjian Planet Z or ZBT cymbal set sold by PMT. It couldn’t be easier to register: Simply scan the QR or follow the link that appears on the promotional sticker on the box, which will take you to an online form to fill out to receive the logins for your lessons!

Watch: Joe Yoshida talks about ACM


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